Best Sports Gambling Podcasts: Complete List

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When it comes to listening to podcasts, you want to find something that interests you. The best sports gambling podcast can offer you insight into the sports you love, such as baseball and football. Once you find a new favorite podcast, you have something to listen to while working out, on lunch or just enjoying your downtime. Check out a few of the best options for sports gambling podcasts below! 

  1. RJ Bell’s Dream Preview

This sports betting podcast is perfect for bettors who want to learn more about how to place bets, insight on free picks, handicap info and more. Recorded in Las Vegas, the BEST OF sports betting podcasts offers the ultimate knowledge of all things sports betting. Find line moves, sportsbook advice, previews and more. This podcast provides everything bettors need to know to get started or to advance with wagering. 

  1. VSiN Best Bets

This podcast highlights daily sports betting information from VSiN, The Sports Betting Network. The sports betting news network is located in Sin City and covers the news 24/7. The team tracks odds, prop bets, bad beats and sportsbooks and more so players have the inside scoop on all things sports betting. Give this podcast a listen to have an inside track before you place your next bet. With this podcast, you can always stay informed on the latest updates and news items. 


Apart from the best sports betting gambling podcast, this is a new sports betting YouTube channel. The channel offers the best tips on how to find the best sportsbooks, how to deposit and wager with real money and more. Learning the basics helps newcomers to feel more secure when placing sports bets. Watch the videos and get insight on where you can safely place sports bets online. 

  1. Betting Dork with Gill Alexander

Presented by, this sports gambling podcast focuses on providing bettors with advanced Sabermetric stats. This includes line moves, big game previews, odds, free picks and more. Learn handicapping tips along with listening in on interesting stories from Las Vegas. This is a well-rounded podcast that offers a wealth of information on the industry. Find ways to up your betting game by listening to Gill. 

  1. Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast

This gambling podcast focuses on sports betting tips and covers the latest news in all sports, including baseball, football, basketball and more. Follow the coach and his guests and they discuss all things sports betting. No matter what sport you enjoy watching or betting on, this podcast is beneficial. 

  1. Life’s a Gamble Podcast

This is a comedy podcast with a focus on sports betting. They offer sports betting chatter on all major league sports including the NHL, NFL, NCAA, MLB and more. They cover a ton of options, all with unsolicited advice on how to bet! Recorded in Tampa Bay, this podcast is a fun one to listen to if you want to enjoy sports betting talk in a lighthearted way. 

  1. Bet the Board

Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman host this podcast offering valuable insight on matchups, injuries of players, situations, line movement, coaching and more. The show is all about analysis and understanding the market, which is great for both beginner and veteran sports bettors. 

  1. BangTheBook

Hosted by Adam Burke, this show is new every weekday and focuses on guest insight. Bettors, professional handicappers and sports writers participate in the show, discussing their opinions and analysis on sports betting. They show how they formulate the information, providing a better understanding of the industry and how players can benefit. 

  1. Sports With Facts

This is another comedy style podcast, this time hosted by JJ Apricena. The host uses humor to break down sports betting picks in short episodes. Each episode is only around eight to 15 minutes long, so you easily get a fix on a lunch break or as you wake up in the morning. Learn everything about sports betting from bankroll management to handicapping strategies from this podcast. 

  1. Gamble On

This podcast features journalists John Brennan and Eric Raskin, providing an industry-focused approach to sports betting. They cover the biggest news in the industry, with an emphasis on sports betting. They look at New Jersey sports betting as well as options in Pennsylvania. 

  1. 11.Even Money: NFL Gambling Podcast
  2. 12.The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast
  3. 13.Good Bettor Bets
  4. 14.The Take Cast: A (Mostly) sports Podcast
  5. 15.Wager Talk  

These podcasts are a great way to get to know the sports betting industry. Choose a podcast that focuses on betting know-how if you are looking to start wagering or just choose a comedic option if you want to laugh and have fun. Each of these sports betting podcasts are preferred by sports fans and a great way to spend your time. 

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