Best Sports Betting Podcasts

Few things have taken the audio listening world by storm as vehemently in recent years as podcasts.

Coming in a variety of formats, podcasts provide succour to listeners the world over and the content within them is often a source of great interest for fans.

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For sports betting enthusiasts, the advent of sports betting podcasts on the market are yet another opportunity for punters to seek out knowledge and information from some of the most informed voices within sport.

Here is a guide to some of the best sports betting podcasts available for bettors:

Business of Betting Podcast

Not every punter takes sports betting seriously enough to see it as a business, but the Business of Betting podcast is a real eye-opener for sports fans.

Covering everything from the basics behind wagering and investing, all the way through to gaining insight from some of the most renowned punters in the world, the Business of Betting podcast is ideal for any sports betting enthusiast.

Betting Pros NFL Podcast

Few sports offer the betting opportunities as NFL and the Betting Pros podcast is one of the very best around at deciphering all of the necessary information for sports punters.

With a clear vision of winning sports bets, the Betting Pros NFL Podcast is worth following for any sports betting fan.

The Daily Juice

Such is the need for 24/7 access for punters and bookies alike to sporting fixtures, that the daily sports betting market is booming.

The Daily Juice covers a wide range of sports – from UFC through to NHL and with expert analysis and opinion, there are plenty of tips on offer for aspiring sports punters.

Trademate Sports Betting Podcast

UK based Trademate Sports Betting Podcast is one of the most reliable and consistent tipster sources available to punters.

With guest opinions from a wide range of sports and fingers on the pulses of some of the biggest events across the world, there are plenty of tools for punters to enjoy with the Trademate Sports Betting Podcast.

Sky Sports Transfer Talk

Whilst not exclusively a sports betting podcast, Sky Sports Transfer Talk gives punters an insight to the workings of football like no other.

With news and views from some of the biggest names in the game and a dedicated odds and tips section, there is plenty for punters to get stuck into with the Sky Sports Transfer Talk podcast.

Here are some tips when combining sports betting with podcast listening:

Use the Podcast Suggested Free Bets

Bookmakers are very smart operations and many of the biggest in the world link up with podcast providers to offer special odds and promotions.

Whilst terms and conditions will apply, some podcasts will give listeners a specific bonus code to enter when setting up (or in general when using their account) and often free bet bonuses are credited to your account.

Shop Around

Don’t solely rely on the information provided by podcast providers are they will occasionally have vested interests in certain bookmakers and betting operators.

Research all of the best bookmaker offers and promotions available to give you the best chance of winning. is one of the market leading offerings for punters, with odds, promotions and betting tips all provided in an extensive resource.

Combine Your Opinions

Podcast hosts/providers are invariably experts in their field and as sports punters we enjoy listening to their insight and knowledge.

That said, not every prediction made within a sports betting podcast transpires to be correct and trying to remain objective when taking on advice from an expert is key.

On the contrast, never discard your personal opinion either – try to balance your personal knowledge with the information gleaned from the podcast – to help give you the best possible chance of winning your sports bet.

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