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Best Podcasts for Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Life

Posted: July 10, 2019 at 7:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you’ve been in the military for a few years and your time will shortly be up, the transition to civilian life is filled with apprehension. What’s going to happen, what should be expected, and how will life be different? These are common questions that come up. 

However, it is becoming increasingly common for military personnel to complete some form of online study in a bid to help them adjust when they eventually leave the forces. In some cases, credits can be transferred over to another course as well, like an MBA degree course at military friendly online colleges. 

Further education provides a way to slow the transition and better prepare for post-military life. Fortunately, there are some excellent military friendly online colleges that provide as much support as possible to steer active servicemen and veterans in the right direction.

If you are currently deciding what to do once you leave the military, you might be interested in listening to some of the following podcasts about military personnel who are transitioning to civilian life. 

Home Bound Veteran

Home Bound Veteran has a strong focus on the issues that soldiers face when returning home. 

The latest episode, for instance, discusses problems relating to living with PTSD, getting enough sleep, and the role that alcohol can play in sleepless nights. 

A previous podcast episode covered the difficulties dealing with mental health problems when no longer on the battlefield. Other episodes specifically covered returning from war and how to choose a new, more personal mission. 

The resources section also helpfully provides links to veteran-operated businesses that might be of interest. 

The Military Wallet

The Military Wallet presented by Ryan Guina is an excellent podcast with some highly relevant episodes. The website has some military related links in the sidebar such as dealing with lost military medals, service records, and more.

The most recent episode covered ways to automate your finances, which is very practical for soldiers that are going downrange. However, they also have podcasts on civilian transition tips, civil service retirement credits, and health care benefits in a post-military life.

Beyond the Uniform

The Beyond the Uniform podcast is an extremely long running one. At the time of writing, there are 283 episodes to keep you listening well into the night and beyond.

Each episode often features an interview with a military vet to discuss their personal experiences and their topic of interest. This might be entrepreneurship, transitioning to a civilian employee, improving GI benefits, or activities to raise funds for veterans. 

Veteran on the Move

The popular Veterans on the Move podcast has highly relevant content for military personnel looking to transition. They even have an e-book when you sign up to their newsletter entitled “The Top 7 Paths to Freedom for Veterans in Transition.

Their latest episode features an Army officer who transitioned to corporate life and describes the various bumps in the road. There are other interesting episodes featuring entrepreneurs who have succeeded in creating a second career that’s flourished.

Give some of these podcasts a try. You’re sure to learn something that you didn’t know before. 

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