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Best OOH Advertising Formats for Your Business

Posted: May 14, 2022 at 9:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Creating effective OOH ads can be a daunting task. What are the best ways to bring your business to life with this form of advertising? This blog will explore some of the most effective methods for marketing products and services to customers in their own homes.

What are some of the most effective ways to market and advertise your business in 2022? Read on to find out!

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Truck Tents

Truck tents are a relatively new form of OOH advertising. They are different from typical billboards because their design is transporting them by hanging them on a truck by an individual. There are several different sizes available, so you can choose which one best suits your needs. Most companies that use truck tents rely on digital media, such as banners, for their marketing needs.

Window Clings

We use window clings to create a text pattern on the window surface of a car, bus, or building. The print has been designed specifically for your business and is super-sized, projecting the message. Cling windows are usually best suited for businesses that need to maximize visibility.


Banners are one of the most inexpensive methods of OOH advertising. Banners cost virtually nothing to replace if stolen or damaged, so they are so popular with marketers. These banners are lightweight and easy to mount, making them highly portable. They can serve as a great way to advertise various marketing services and products, especially in busy areas with high foot traffic.

Billboard Containers

A billboard container is a particular structure that hangs from the ceiling of a building. The sign is lit on all sides to easily read from any angle of the building’s interior. It allows for more visibility than most other forms of OOH advertising available.

Lamppost Decorations

Lamppost decorations are decorative pieces that hang from lampposts to bring attention to your company. These pieces can be highly effective at getting attention to your business because they are apparent and usually placed in high-traffic areas.

Taxi Cabs

It’s a form of street-level marketing that many advertisers use to capture the attention of potential customers. From coupons and discount offers to local information, they can use this type of advertising for just about anything. Cartop and door panel taxi advertising will be seen by thousands of people every day since taxis are a common form of transportation. As an alternative to other forms of advertising, taxi advertising can be more affordable and personal for businesses trying to establish themselves in the marketplace.

Bus Shelters

Bus shelters are large, hollow structures that provide shelter for travelers waiting for nearby public transportation. They usually have an advertisement on the outside and inside of the frame. Many companies use OOH bus advertising to target customers traveling by bus or subway.

The above mentioned are several different methods for advertising with OOH formats. The following strategies can help you create compelling ads for your business.

  1. Select the correct location

Often, one of the most complex decisions to make when choosing a marketing vehicle is deciding where it will be most effective. Anywhere you choose will somehow affect all of your advertising output. The most crucial aspect when selecting a location is to choose one that is visible from the most significant number of homes. If you choose the wrong place, converting your advertising into sales may not be easy.

  1. Test your advertising

Advertising is not a one-time effort. You may still be able to sell products or services to customers even if you don’t advertise, but you won’t know this if you don’t test it. Create a small sample of your OOH ads and place them in different locations. If the ads perform well, consider turning them into full-blown ads by adding banners or other decorations.

  1. Be creative

Advertising is a great way to promote your business because it requires creativity and planning. You may feel hesitant to create a new marketing vehicle because you think it will be too expensive, but you need to look at this differently. You don’t need the costliest advertising format if the content is what you want people to notice.


Don’t be afraid to create unique, practical OOH advertising formats for your business. You’re sure to notice that the color and size of your advertisement are just as important as what it says. If you create effective ads, you’ll have no trouble increasing sales and reaching more potential customers.

Remember: Keep it simple and effective.

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