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Dr. Garvey R. Pinkston II, Founder of Southern Hills Pharmacy, a successful family-owned and operated full-service pharmacy located in Plantation, Florida and named as the best local pharmacy in South Florida by joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Garvey R. Pinkston II discuss the following:

  • What inspired you to establish Southern Hills Pharmacy?
  • Your family’s history in the Health Care industry is traced back to Ocala Florida. How did your family’s legacy impact your decision to establish your pharmacy?
  • How did Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University prepare you to lead a successful pharmacy?
  • Any advice for young adults interested in following your footsteps in the health care industry?
  • How can our audience contact your pharmacy directly?

Dr. Garvey R. Pinkston II comes from a long line of influential pharmacists. Earning a professional doctorate in pharmacy from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Pinkston is determined to continue preserving his family’s legacy in health care. With chain pharmacies popping up on street corners nationwide, the need for local home grown pharmacies that care about customer satisfaction is necessary now more than ever. Complaints are increasing nationwide regarding issues with customer relations at big chain pharmacies more frequently in the past decade. One recent customer complaint relating to a big pharmacy chain reads, “The customer service was terrible, I asked to speak to a manager, and when he came to find out what the problem was, it didn’t get any better from there.”

To combat the negative encounters consumers experienced at big chain pharmacies, Dr. Pinkston established Southern Hills Pharmacy in Plantation, Florida. “Family oriented, friendly, and professional staff. Makes you want to keep going back since you are treated with respect and dignity. Keep it up,” stated Ernie Muirhead in a recent Southern Hills Pharmacy review. Southern Hills Pharmacy is rooted in a legacy and a distinct passion for serving the local communities of Plantation, Davie, Sunrise, and Lauderhill among others. Pharmacy customers are often left wondering why customer satisfaction is not a top priority at their local big chain pharmacies. When asked what initiated the spark in Dr. Pinkston to establish his pharmacy, his sentiments are shared by pharmacist nationwide. “I started Southern Hills Pharmacy after my experiences of working in a chain pharmacy and not having the time or opportunity to provide each patient with the personal care and attention their situation deserved.”

With advanced treatment methods for patients and an increase in affordable medical care, the pharmaceutical industry is seeing a major increase in revenue. Spending on prescription drugs was projected to have risen to $457 billion in 2015; the current projections show prescription drug spending will increase to $610 billion by 2021. With the need for prescriptions drugs increasing, the concentration on growing revenue for local pharmacies will surpass the need to provide superior customer service to pharmacy patrons. Just ask Dr. Pinkston’s loyal customers, excellent customer service is paramount at Southern Hills Pharmacy. “Friendliness, passion and some medicine are what the doctor prescribed. Southern Hills and the team. Give me this and more,” stated Nicholas Tuma, in a recent Southern Hills Pharmacy online review. The pharmacy specializes in providing custom medications, prescription fillings, and medication management services to nearby communities with a smile. It is not hard to see the Pinkston family legacy continue over two hundred miles away from where it all originally started, Ocala Florida.

“Needed a new nebulizer in a crunch and Dr. Pinkston was able to accommodate my son’s needs very urgently. The pharmacists and staff are competent and willing to go the extra mile to help. This pharmacy is a great addition to the community. Will definitely return and recommend to others,” emphatically stated N. Thomas in a recent Google review. Dr. Pinkston’s staff recently solved the impediment regarding patients in surrounding cities not having access to his life-saving services. “We now offer shipping to patients that are not local,” said Dr. Pinkston. From Pinkston Drugs in Ocala Florida established by his great-uncle and grandfather during the Civil Rights era to Southern Hills Pharmacy, the next generation of Pinkston’s have a blueprint of influential health industry role models to supersede. Recently retired NFL star Drayton Florence had this to say about Dr. Pinkston’s prominent pharmacy, “I was traveling in South Florida and needed a specialty prescription filled and contacted Southern Hills Pharmacy since it was only 16 minutes away. The medication was a specialty compounded medication and was unavailable at regular pharmacies. I suffer from cluster HA’s, and the medication is a life saver. Southern Hills Pharmacy was extremely helpful, they contacting my physician in Jacksonville and got a telephonic script, compounded the medication, and expeditiously delivered it to me at my hotel. I was so thankful to have contacted this pharmacy; they went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. If you live in the Plantation area and need a great local pharmacy, please visit these guys. Great job Dr. Pinkston, you are a life saver.” If only the big chain pharmacies can follow Dr. Pinkston’s method for keeping customers happy, our health care system would improve drastically.

To learn more about Southern Hills Pharmacy visit 1739 N University Dr, Plantation, FL 33322 or call (954) 947-1633. You can also learn more via website and numerous social media channels.

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