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Did you always want to become a writer? Well, you are not alone. There is a numerous number of people out there who aspire to be writers and pursue their dreams. You might think you are in college, and you will practice writing when you graduate, but remember, writing is one skill that you can constantly practice and improve. You can work as a writer while studying to sharpen your skill and, the icing on the cake, earn handsome money. 

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Let’s face it; a student enrolled in college has enough on their daily plate without having to worry about the debt they are building due to education. But, that is not possible that theythink about their financial situation every day. If you want to get rid of financial stress while doing something that enhances your skills and aptitude, you can become an academic writer. There are so many opportunities out there that await you to hunt. Consult one of the essay writing company and if they are open to hire essay writers, you can start your career of essay writing from there and start earning a good amount. 

Who is an academic writer? 

A person who can write research papers, essays, and other academic works is known as an academic writer. An academic writer is supposed to write essays, thesis, dissertations, research papers, and related academic assignments at the college level. In simple terms, any student at the college level is an Academic Writer. It is important for an academic writer to incorporate analytical, persuasive, descriptive, and critical writing, the four primary styles of academic writing. According to researchers, some of the basic features of academic writing include precision, complexity, explicitness, impartiality, responsibility, formality, and hedging. 

How to become an academic writer? 

There are basically two ways you can become an academic writer and earn some money during your studies. 

1. Freelancing sites: 

Freelancing sites are gaining immense importance these days where the sellers can connect to buyers from all over the world and vice versa. The freelancing sites have offered a vast market for skilled individuals to offer their skills, do their projects, and earn a handsome amount of money. More and more people are leaving their full-time jobs to be self-employed and work independently and earn a double than their full-time job. Anyway, you can create your accounts on different freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancers, Fiverr, and others, bid on projects, and get them done. You will easily find a lot of academic writing projects, but make sure you win the projects by presenting a strong portfolio to the sellers. 

2. Essay websites: 

There are many companies that offer academic services to students; you can be hired by them as a writer to complete their orders. Working for an essay website can give you experience as well as a handsome reward if you are a potential academic writer with great writing and researching skills; the essay websites will love to have you on board. Apply for some of the best essay websites and send them a formal portfolio so that they can better understand your abilities and aptitude. 

Is it any good to become an academic writer?

When you become an academic writer, it helps you master different skills. Researching and analysing is not everyone’s cup of tea. When you do research and do critical study, you analyse and evaluate it from different perspectives. Doing so increases cognitive and critical thinking abilities. 

Moreover, the demand for academic writers will never end, even if AI systems become writers. So, the scope of academic writing will remain extraordinary.

And who would not like to earn some money while using a skill that also improves alongside? Therefore, you should definitely become an academic writer, whether you have a passion for it or not. 

Ways to become a great academic writer: 

Here are some of the pro tips to become a great academic writer: 

1. Quality writing skills: 

The first and foremost thing that is important to become any kind of writer has command over writing skills. While, in other types of writing, some flaws can be neglected, in Academic writing, there is no room for flaws; the aim of academic writing is to explain, elaborate, and inform in the most appropriate manner.  

Quality academic writing includes:

Which informs readers with accurate facts backed with evidence. 
Focuses on the main subject of matter throughout 
It is detailed and comprehensible
2. Understanding of referencing:

Secondly, academic writing is different from other kinds of writing, and it is important to cite references of the resources you have used to substantiate your arguments in the paper. There are many types of referencing styles, and each college and university has a specific referencing style. Therefore, you must be familiar with different referencing styles to work with the requirements of each client, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and many more. 

3. Format and style: 

Academic writing is not causal writing and therefore must adhere to specific, set standard requirements. One of the basic rules of writing an academic paper is to use the right format and style. An academic essay starts with an introduction, methodology, literature review, findings, discussion and ends with a conclusion. 

4. Avoid plagiarism:

To be a great academic writer, you should know that avoiding plagiarism is very crucialYou should not present others opinions as yours, and therefore you should cite the resources. There are instances when you may not intentionally plagiarise content, but when you run it through software, it will detect copied content. In order to avoid this, make sure you leverage tools that can help you identify plagiarised content and to remove it immediately. 

In a nutshell, you can work at freelancing sites and essay websites as an academic writer to improve your writing skills and earn some money while studying. Make sure you have all the skills that require to be an academic writer.

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