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Because Every Child Deserves to See with VisionQuest 20/20

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Richard S. Tirendi the CEO and Co-Founder of VisionQuest 20/20 where their slogan is “Because Every Child Deserves to See” joins Enterprise Radio. He discusses the mission of VisionQuest 20/20 and the benefit of EyeSpy.

Undetected vision disorders may be a silent epidemic impacting children and could affect their ability to learn, and in some cases result in permanent visual loss. Identifying children with vision problems is essential, yet not all children receive screenings. Traditional vision screening methods haven’t changed significantly in more than 100 years. In response to what some are calling a public health dilemma, children’s eye surgeon, James O’Neil, M.D. and technology developer Richard Tirendi created EyeSpy 20/20™. EyeSpy 20/20™ is a video game that takes a child on a virtual treasure hunt during which they may wear eye patches or a pair of colored glasses. Designed to make the vision screenings fun, it uses intelligent software protocols that measure the child’s responses to customize the testing in real time. The result is a vision screening assessment that mimics the results of a trained specialist even when administered by a parent or untrained volunteer.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Richard S. Tirendi discuss the following:

  • How many American children are affected by vision disorders?
  • How extensive is the problem?
  • What is VisionQuest 20/20 & where does it fit in?
  • Please describe the benefits of EyeSpy in the school system and the difference it can make with today’s youth?
  • What makes EyeSpy a leader in vision screening based on the competition? And, what if any competition is there that exists today?
  • Why should schools invest in this technology when school nurses can just use eye charts?

Duration: 18:33

“The past 10 years have gone by very quickly. I guess doing what you love makes that happen. It took seven years to develop, and in only three years, EyeSpy 20/20™ has screened nearly 200 thousand children. I am truly honored to be a part of something that will help millions of children – not just for that one day, but for the rest of their lives.”

With more than 25 years of technology experience, Richard Tirendi oversees  VisionQuest 20/20. Tirendi is a successful electrical and computer engineer with numerous patents in his field. Grateful for his gift of sight and compelled to find solutions to ensure that schoolchildren across the country are not impacted by preventable vision disorders, Tirendi is deeply invested along with his co-founder in the success of VisionQuest 20/20 and serves as the organization’s chief executive officer.

At age five, Tirendi awoke one morning to find that he had lost his vision due to a poisonous insect bite. While the condition was treatable and his vision was eventually restored, he never forgot the fear and sadness he experienced, and so his passion is manifested in his commitment to VisionQuest 20/20.

Tirendi began his career at the TJ Watson IBM Research Center in 1986. Although degreed in Electrical Engineering, Tirendi recognized that software would significantly contribute to virtually every aspect of our lives. While working with great thinkers and co-developing numerous advancements in the area of semiconductor (computer chip) manufacturing, he insisted that he could develop software systems that would increase manufacturing yield and profitability. Independently, Tirendi focused his attention developing real-time statistical process control systems that proved him correct.  Encouraged, Tirendi and several colleagues formed a semiconductor technology company. Within months, their new venture was acquired, and Tirendi successfully applied his systems to other business operations including forecasting. In 2000, Tirendi and his team agreed to sell their remaining interest.

Over the next several years, Tirendi studied research on human vision, optical science, and various biometric screening technologies. Working with Randy Pausch and his graphics design team at Carnegie Melon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, Tirendi applied his systems knowledge to make Dr. O’Neil’s idea a reality – a technology that can detect virtually any vision disorder while children “play” a 2-3 minute video game. While developing this revolutionary approach, Tirendi co-founded VisionQuest 20/20, the nation’s only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to protecting children and their families from the devastating effects of undetected vision disorders.



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