Beautiful Bob Haircut Looks for Women

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Irresistible Bob Haircut and Hairstyle Looks

Short bob haircut styles are seamless and timeless looks that can be rocked by anyone regardless of the age. With various modern and sassy styles, you can tailor your short bob manes to complement your personality.

Whether you want to exude your attitude, or you are the girl next door, a short bob haircut is the best hairstyle to choose and make a statement. Continue scrolling down to take a peek of our short bob hairstyles and get some insights on how unique you can be with some of these haircuts. 

Short Cappuccino Bob

This beautiful and stylish cappuccino bob haircut would look great on women with warm skin tone and oval or rectangular face shape. The colour and the cut are quite low maintenance; hence, it is the best styles for busy women who want to appear professional, yet glam. You can try it too. 

Rugged Bob for Ladies with Round Face

This bob hairstyle incorporates sleek layers that best complement ladies with rounds faces. It also has a mid-parting which helps to balance the face shape by giving you an impression of an elongated and slim face. It is the best styles to choose if you are struggling to look slimmer.

Permed Bob

This amazing bob haircut proves to everyone that everything can be achieved, even coming up with beautiful and natural-looking curls for ladies with straight hair. Tortoise shell hair clips can elevate the hairstyle on second-day hair with the lovely textures of the curls and face-framing pieces. However, to maintain the curls looking good, you need to visit your curler at least once per month. Your curls will remain gorgeous and lively.

Flippy Layers

Give your hairstyle some bounce by incorporating flippy layers around. Take advantage of the added volume, and you will get something light. 

Wispy Bob Hairstyle and Elongated Bangs

Undeniably one of the best haircuts that women are falling in love with. The wispy bob hairstyle is a lightweight haircut ideal for women with thick hair who don’t want a lot of weight on their hair. You can choose extended wispy bangs as well if you need to accentuate your beautiful face and eyes.

Pixie Bob

This list of short bob haircuts cannot be exhaustive without mentioning a pixie bob. The bob is usually added some texture by use of some light lowlights to give a look a messy modern appearance. Besides, the subtle choppy trimmings only make the entire haircut exceptional. 

Concave Bob

If you need a sexy haircut for your first date, then you will hammer it with this haircut. Make your first date memorable with a concave bob haircut that is styled longer in the front and short at the back. Depending on your preferred method of styling a bob, it will, without a doubt, transform your looks to a stylish look without putting a lot of effort into it or time. 

Curly Bob

Get a short bob with a curly look that looks great on all face shapes! It incorporates a soft cut that leaves you feeling more confident and fresher wherever you go out and mingle with your girlfriends.

Rounded Short Bob

This rounded bob hairstyle frames slim faces and brings out the soft and sharp angles. The added lowlights on the blonde tresses help in brightening the look and also enhance the hair volume.

Wedge Bob

You will be surprised when you realise how much different your hair looks after rocking this wedge bob haircut. The haircut incorporates warm and golden blonde highlights that significantly transform your manes. Some sassiness enhanced dimension, and a unique look is what you get if you choose to rock this incredible haircut. 

Funky Bob

Some hairstyles only give your hair some pop and not your entire life. However, when it comes to this funky haircut, both your hair and vitality are given some pop with a fantastic ocean look. Turquoise might be high maintenance, but it is worth it. It is a super colour that appears excellent on any skin tone. 

Ear Length Bob

A French short bob haircut as this one would look great for classy ladies who never goes anywhere without applying eyeliner and lipsticks. However, the haircut doesn’t take much of your time in styling. The volume is all you need for texture, and it looks awe-inspiring.

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