Backlink Opportunities: How to Approach Bloggers

Link building is a proven strategy for upscaling your SEO efforts and one of the best ways of achieving your goals is to use a proven provider who is able to provide excellent backlink services and support.

You need the help of site owners and other bloggers to be able to link your content and broaden your coverage. If you are going to attempt some of this relationship-building yourself, the big question is how do you do that?

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Be realistic with your outreach ambitions

It can be very tempting to reach for the stars by trying to get coverage from the premium sites where A-listers command a huge audience.

Obviously, it would be a huge feather in your cap if you could get them to pay attention to your request and share their audience with you. However, you could waste a lot of energy trying to persuade an A-lister that could be used more productively elsewhere.

If you focus on smaller blogs you are far more likely to get their attention and have the opportunity to share. Add enough of these smaller blogs to your portfolio and you can still build up a sizable audience.

It’s also a snowball effect. If you get plenty of coverage with smaller and mid-sized blogs, it actually makes it a bit easier to get a response from the big players at some point.

Don’t think of your interaction as a one-time deal

Another good strategy to pursue would be to take the view that it is important to cultivate a new relationship rather than just continuing to look for new opportunities.

The advantages of this strategy are obvious. If the blogger you have got to know becomes more successful, you already have a way in, which could work out well for both of you.

Be prepared to offer something in return

The wheels of business and commerce are regularly oiled with reciprocal arrangements.

One of the fundamental cornerstones of successful outreach is a willingness to embrace the concept of reciprocity.

The sort of offer you can make to help move the relationship forward would be to maybe offer one of your products for free, in return for a review. Or you could offer a discount or promotional rate to make the idea of working with you even more attractive.

Accept rejection

The harsh reality of this world is that you will have to deal with a fair amount of rejection on a regular basis.

If someone declines your invitation and makes it clear that they are not interested in accepting what you have to offer at this time, it is much better to accept this and move on.

When you continue to email them in an attempt to change their mind, it could actually mean they reject your advances permanently. Nobody likes getting spammed. It’s much better to accept the refusal politely and move on.

Leaving them alone for a while, means you always have the chance to send the occasional email to see if their chance has changed.

The bottom line is that approaching bloggers for backlink opportunities should always be done in a professional and friendly way. The right approach and a degree of persistence that is channeled in the right way is usually the way to achieve success.

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