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Avail Up to 60% Off on Cleaning Supplies Exclusively on Souq

Posted: September 12, 2018 at 7:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Souq has again come up with some exciting offers and deals, one of them is discounts on cleaning supplies. Cleaning products are something that we need in our day to day lives. They are the part of our daily essentials. Looking at the importance of cleaning supplies, Souq has brought huge discounts for you all. You can avail up to 60% off through Mashreq Souq Offer on various cleaning products on the website. 

Following is the list of some products that are available to you at big discounts only on Souq.

Finish All in One Lemon Dishwashing Tablets and Rinse Aid Lemon- This huge pack of 168 Tablets and 2400ml, Rinse Aid Lemon bottles which originally costs 340.00 AED is available to you at 205.00 AED under the offer on Souq for cleaning supplies. So, you save 135.00 AED i.e. 40% discount. The product is considered to provide perfect shine for glass items. The product is eligible for free shipping.

Dishwasher Detergent Rinse Aid 1000ml & Dishwasher Detergent Salt- A pack of Spin 1000ml  Dishwasher Detergent Rinse Aid and 2kg Dishwasher Detergent Salt is available to you at 33.48 AED. The product originally costs 42.00 AED, so you get a discount of up to 20%.  The dishwasher rinse aid helps in fast drying action and the salt cleans tough stains to provide you a hygienic wash.

Dettol Lemon Healthy Home All Purpose Cleaner- A pack of 3kg Dettol Lemon Healthy Home All Purpose Cleaner, 900 ml bottle is available to you at 29.75 AED under the Souq offers. The pack is originally priced at 69.00 AED, so you save 39.25 AED under the offer. The product is also available in different fragrances other than lemon like Lavender, Aqua, etc. You can check all the details at the website.

Pril 100 Lemons Power Dishwashing Liquid 1 Litre Twin Pack + Scotch-Brite Sponge- A pack of 2 Pril Dishwashing Liquid of 1 litre each and 3 Scotch-Brite sponges are available to you at 15.50 AED. The product originally costs 29.00 AED, so you get a discount of 47% under the Souq offers and save 13.50 AED.

SPIN Dishwasher Machine Cleaner- A pack of two 250 ml bottles of SPIN Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is available to you at 27.98 AED. It is originally priced at 40.00 AED, so you get a discount of 30% under the Souq offers and save 12.02 AED. The Spin cleaner intensely removes limescale, rust, grease and other build-up caused by hard water. It helps to keep your machine clean.

Jif Cleaner Spray- Jif Multipurpose cleaner spray which originally cost 14.75 AED, is available to you at 14.74 AED. Although here you are saving only 0.01 AED, the website has provided an additional offer on the product. If you buy 2 Jif Cleaner Sprays then you get 1 spray absolutely free and the pack of three is available to you at 29.49 AED. So, you get a discount of 33% under an additional offer.

Some other offers

Product Original Price Souq Offer Price
SPIN Dishwasher Detergent Tablets, 28 Tablets 43.00 AED 31.49 AED, You Save 11.51 AED
Fairy Antibacterial Liquid Dishwashing Soap, 1050 ml 20.00 AED 15.99 AED, You Save 4.01 AED
Harpic Active Liquid Toilet Cleaner – Pine, 3 Packs of 750ml 44.00 AED 28.49 AED, You Save 15.51 AED
Dettol Glass Cleaner – Sparking Shine, Pack of 3 Pcs (3 x 500ml) 31.50 AED 18.99 AED, You Save 12.51 AED
Clorox 5 in 1 Disinfectant Pine Cleaner – 4.5 litres  42.00 AED 25.99 AED, You Save 16.01 AED

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