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Are There Any Cheats You Can Use in Online Slots?

Posted: June 2, 2020 at 8:43 am / by / comments (0)

Slot games like Wolf Run slots are the highlight of nearly all gambling dens, both online and offline. Therefore, it is no surprise that gamblers are continually looking for the ways that they can make the odds of landing winnings better. However, slot machines do not have any cheating approaches that would qualify one for massive wins without the involvement of luck.

The only way such methods can be applied is illegally using cheat codes. Usually, slot games run on RNGs, which produce random results that neither the gambler nor the casino can predict accurately. However, during game development, programmers can input a glitch that only they know about, which allows them to confuse the machines into handing over big wins. Such cheaters can go a long time without getting caught, and some, like Ronald Dale Harris, have gained fame this way.

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Even though no cheat strategies can be accommodated when playing slot games, some things can be done to make the experience better. Here are some of the pointers to apply to achieve this:

Play for the Entertainment Value

When playing online slots, approach the games with the intention of having fun above all else. Keep in mind that slot machines are negative expectation games, which makes it more likely to encounter losses than winnings. Treating slot games as tools for entertainment rather than money-minting platforms makes it easier to swallow the losing streaks gracefully and proceed with gameplay. Make the process of gameplay as fun as possible by choosing a set that suits your entertainment needs through its theme and other elements. Slot theme choices are available in the hundreds, including Egypt, horror, magic, Christmas, and animal categories.

Check Online Reviews

Sift through the reviews of online slots that you have your eyes on before diving into their gameplay. Online reviews can be conducted by professional websites which provide in-depth information about the games such as:

  • Themes
  • Grid arrangement
  • Bet lines or win ways
  • Bet limits
  • RTP and variance
  • Character payouts
  • Bonus features

Also, pay attention to reviews left behind by fellow gamblers. Most of these comments can be found in affiliate websites where the slot is available for free gameplay and even in some online casinos. Looking through players’ reviews gives you an idea of what to expect once you launch the game. If a slot is paraded as a well-paying title, but it does not reflect in gameplay, players are often quick to call it out. That way, you avoid going down a rabbit hole of unnecessary losses.

Play for Free

Nearly all slot games come in a free and real money version. The former uses fun coins that are placed in the game by developers and serve as stakes. This version is ideal if you are not looking to spend any money but would like to indulge in the gambling thrill. Alternatively, it can be used to master the gameplay procedure of slots while understanding its bet range, payouts, and bonuses. Free slots are accessible in game-review sites, and they often require no registration to be launched. They are also available in online casinos alongside the real money versions. In some of these gambling dens, the opening of an account is necessary.

Choose an Ideal Gaming Site

The ability to enjoy slot gameplay relies on the casino in which it is accessed as well. Choosing the right gambling destination comes with a wide range of upsides such as:

  • The safety of personal information provided during the creation of an account
  • Lenient terms and conditions that do not require you to stretch beyond what is necessary for gameplay services
  • A wide range of slot options that allow you to explore different titles without having to create accounts in other gambling dens
  • Assurance that any real money winnings collected are withdrawable without any trouble once all terms are met
  • Valid licenses that ensure the casino is certified to provide gambling services

Claim Casino Bonuses

The habit of bonus provision is embedded in casino culture. Hunt for the best of the lot and proceed to take them up for use in gameplay. Most incentives are usually directed at slot lovers, and they are granted as free spins or money. Even those that are left open for use in other games award pokies the highest contribution rate to clear the attached wagering requirements. When using casino bonuses, losses do not dent you as bad since they are mostly casino money. Be keen to look through the bonus terms before laying claim. Some rewards feature lucrative amounts but have high playthrough terms that result in losses in the long run. Choose those that have low wagering requirements, which do not demand too much money to meet. Also, pay attention to the shelf life, which dictates how much time you have to fulfil the stipulated terms.

Join Loyalty Clubs

In line with using casino incentives for slot gameplay, join loyalty clubs as well. These clubs usually reward players with points for spending cash on the site. For instance, one point can be awarded for every ten dollars that are used. The points are later redeemable for things like free money, free spins, access to more games, and higher VIP levels. Some gaming clubs go as far as to offer gadgets like smartphones and tablets, while others grant cruises and paid vacations to brick and mortar gambling havens.

Manage Your Bankroll

When playing using real money, it is crucial to keep track of your finances. Slot games are usually fast-paced sets that play a lot of rounds in a short amount of time. Even when using small stakes, they add up to a significant amount over the long run. Save yourself the trouble of losing more than you can handle by approaching the games with a definite amount. The set bankroll should be within the limit of what you can lose comfortably. When playing, section the bets to accommodate as many rounds as possible. Once the original amount is complete, walk away from the game. Do not try to win back your money since it can lead to even more significant losses.

Look at the Bet Limits

Online gaming software developers look to suit players with varying financial capabilities by accommodating different bet limits. Some slots accept wagers as little as several pennies while others go as high as 1000 dollars per round. Look at the wager limits of the games you want to play to ensure that they are within the range of what you are comfortable spending.

Inspect Slot Payouts

Slot games differ in the amounts they provide in winnings even though they are all granted similarly. Choose slots whose payouts are high to ensure that when icon combinations are formed, there is a higher chance of walking away with a profit. This information is usually revealed in the paytable section. In some sets, the combination values change according to the stake placed. In others, they are definite amounts that are later multiplied by the line or total bet.

Play Slots with Bonus Rounds

Slot games that feature bonus rounds have an edge over the others since they include additional ways to grant payouts aside from ordinary payline or win way combos. Some standard slot bonuses are:

  • Wilds: Slot wilds are denoted by symbols that are usually linked to the game theme. The icons can play the role of any standard item to complete a payout combination. Sometimes, they provide winnings of their own.
  • Scatters: Scatters earn their name from being able to provide payouts and trigger bonuses even without appearing on a win line. These icons are often used to trigger free spins, mini-games, and other incentives when three or more of them appear.
  • Free spins: Free spins can be found as in-game bonuses as well as in casino bonus packages. These incentives award bonus rounds that do not use up stakes but can award winnings.
  • Gamble feature: The gamble feature usually activates after a payout in slots that feature it. In the round, the win or a portion of it is gambled for twice the amount. Depending on the game, players can be asked to guess the colour of a down-facing card, the side on which a flipped coin will land, or the contents of a hidden item.

Look at the RTP

Although it is impossible to predict slot winnings, Return to Player rates provide a vague idea of how willing a slot is to grant payouts. This metric is provided as a percentage, and it is collected by observing the game over thousands of spins. Ideal slots usually feature RTP odds of 95% and above.

Study the Volatility

Volatility is another metric that can be used to give a theoretical projection of how slot winnings behave. Slots with high volatility tend to award large but rare payouts while those with low volatility offer small and frequent wins. The ideal volatility depends on how patient you are willing to be and the size of your bankroll. High variance slots are suitable when using a lot of betting funds since there is enough to let the losing streaks pass and wait for the large winnings to come by.


Cheating in slots is impossible unless you are smart enough to program cheat codes into the games. In such cases, you will most likely end up on the wrong side of the law. Apply these measures instead to ensure you have a good time even though the results of gameplay remain random and unpredictable.

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