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Anis Maknojia, Hollywood newcomer and industry one to watch

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Anis Maknojia, Hollywood newcomer and industry one to watch, Model, Actor, Executive Producer and man standing at the helm of Land Ahoy Films joins Enterprise Radio. Anis has produced his first two shorts which will be hitting the film festival circuit this fall and into the spring of 2021.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anis Maknojia discuss the following:

  1. You’re a successful business man and now executive producer, actor and owner of your own production company, how was the transition from owner of gas stations, convenience stores, retail developments to film?
  2. Your first short Artifice is getting some great buzz and this will be your first short to hit the film festival circuit, where did the idea for the plot and why this genre of film?
  3. For your 2nd short, With Interest, tells us about the plot and why you went with crime/comedy approach?
  4. Obviously cultural and ethnic stereotypes aren’t fully extinct in today’s world of film, so, would you be open to be typecast in films, a project is worth adding to the film resume? Is there any type of film you wouldn’t do?
  5. Up until now, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from the movie making process? And lastly, what projects are on the horizon and will you be working on a feature film anytime soon?

Anis Maknojia’s road to success didn’t start with glamour and glitz. It started in Texas, built on a lifetime of hard work and overcoming personal hardship.

Anis (Ah-niece Mahk no gia) grew up in oil-centric Houston, the son of Indian immigrants. Throughout his childhood, his parents worked hard to provide for their family through their retail business. Anis soon worked with them, taking the time to become an alum at the University of Houston. Eventually, he took over the business, allowing his parents to retire.

A flood of misfortunes came rushing into his life, including a pair of failed business ventures, a broken heart and the sudden death of a close friend. Despite the support network of friends and family, Anis slid into a downward spiral, both physically and mentally. Then, something clicked. Specifically, the lens of a camera.

Anis has always been interested in photography. He began to take photographs, as a way to express his emotions, as a way to let the pain out. Framing an image became an escape from the hopelessness and depression. Like a bright flash lighting the shadows, the art form became the spark, igniting the path to his future.

He began with a cellphone camera and moved on to a more professional camera, reveling in the freedom digital photography allowed. His interests started to expand, and he began to look for images, scenes and moments which reminded him of himself – right there in the middle of everything but maybe perhaps not quite noticed for its full potential.

In 2017, he began posting images to Instagram. He also began to explore the idea of self-portraits. Within a year, financed by his success in the family business and buoyed by his rising status on Instagram, he moved to Los Angeles, where he found even more success. He continues to be a rising influence on the social media platform, with more than 85K Instagram followers and counting,

In late 2019 and early 2020, he completed numerous advertising projects, supporting Mercedes-Benz, Don Julio Tequila and Armani Code.

Website: www.landahoyfilms

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With Interest Short:
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Instagram: (82.7K Followers)

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