Animated Content: Why is it important to use movements

Social media are the most required way of communication with the audience nowadays. You can promote things, launch full-scale marketing campaigns, and just humanize your business with social media. But it’s crucial how you conduct all of these. Working with visual content, you can reach much more than just by text messages, and knowing what visuals serve best one purpose or another enhances your results. Animated images are a specific way of delivering messages, so here, you’ll learn why it works and what animation creator it’s better to use.

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Types of visual content

You can divide all visual content into several types:

  • Video – visual and audio parts are the most significant, while text can be used as a supplementary way to deliver messages;
  • Animated image – a picture with static and dynamic elements, where the text and visual elements play the key role;
  • Static picture – does not differ much from the animated one except for the moving elements (the dominant elements are still visual objects with the text).

All the visual elements have the same peculiarity – the formatting and design define the quality. The semantic load matters in the videos, while pictures should have only brief crucial information concerning “What? Where? When?” and sometimes “Why?”.

Influence of dynamics

We mentioned that animated and static images do not differ much regarding their contents. So why should you prefer animated images to static ones? Well, here mostly psychological factors play:

  • Dynamic pictures attract more attention – they are something unusual compared to multiple static images used in social media;
  • Well-designed animation impresses positively – people appreciate high-quality content, and smooth design of animations is one of the quality criteria;
  • Reasonably applied animation helps form a positive opinion about you – if you use dynamic pictures for a certain purpose with appropriate context, it suggests the idea that you know your business (whatever product or service you offer);
  • Animation created in an editor instead of internal Instagram tools, for example, represents your considerate approach – it suggests again the idea that if you care so much about the content you post, the same is your attention to your customers (audience, etc.).

Briefly said, animated content presents you in a better light than if you used only static pictures and videos. Though, it works only if the animation is diverse and corresponds to the general style of your page.

Creating animated content without trouble

Creating animated content is not complicated in our time. Choosing the right animation creator can facilitate your work a lot, though. If you have never worked with professional tools, it may take your time and nerves before you will handle the issue.

That’s why we offer the opportunities of VistaCreate – an intuitive free tool that helps inspire, modify and create posts with animated elements easily. Just scroll through the templates library to find the relevant example for your post, and customize it as you wish.

Animated pictures can significantly enhance your page performance. Use your chance to try VistaCreate editor and the variety of its possibilities!

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