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Advanced technology and its application in the gambling industry

Posted: March 3, 2020 at 4:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Technology is the core of the gaming industry. Without the advanced graphics, programming languages and design software, no one would ever be drawn to play any particular game. In recent years, online games have experienced technology advancements used to enhance the experience they offer. From mythological themes, to games inspired by our favourite movies – the tech behind online games has been dramatically improved.

While players enjoy the gaming atmosphere through improved graphics and higher interactivity, the question is – how does this all work exactly?

Here, we will take a closer look at the tech behind online games.

Types of software 

The online gaming business utilises modern technologies in order to create a product. Indeed, these sites tend to hire software companies that create their products according to the customers’ needs. It is worth noting that there are three primary types of software. The first and most common is the download software that requires installation on a device prior to playing. Then, there are games that run on Flash which does not require the user to download the software in order to play the game. The third is the mobile gaming software, which allows users to enjoy games such as online slots games from their smartphones.

HTML, Gamification and VR

A key development in the world of online games is the advancements of HTML5 – a mark-up language that in this case is used for streaming games online. It is very easy to enjoy an online gaming platform with this technological leap forward. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari can run HTML as smoothly as any kind of application or downloadable software.

More than ever before, online games offer rich and empowering experiences, whether we talk about casino games or gambling as a factor. From online poker to slots games, the richness of graphics has exponentially improved throughout the years. This led to better game play and experience throughout the years. Players today are not only keen on winning; they also want to be engaged and entertained. Therefore, the process of gamification will be on top of the priorities in the future.

Data Modelling and Predictive Analytics 

One of the key components of success in any business is the ability to monitor and understand the customers’ journey and behaviour. Nowadays, operators and bookmakers can understand their preferences using data modelling and predicting techniques. For example, data can show you how the trends are moving in accordance with the game’s popularity. Let’s say that the past two weeks you have noticed growth in traffic search volume on the Starburst slot game. This can mean that this game is trending and popular among players. Your role would be to find out what caused this trend and try to maintain and improve the overall impression of the game. Today, almost every online site uses analytics to track the sessions and history of players, which means that it’s easy to design games based on the preferences of players. As a result, casinos can increase their number of visitors though positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied players. 

Highly Secure Gaming Experience 

Hack attacks and data breaches continuously follow the technology behind payment methods. Sites that utilise user information must ensure data security, and all these include online casino sites that collect certain info from users, before granting the players access to games. There are gaming authorities that regulate and ensure the security of the sites. This provides users with a guarantee that the details they share online are secured and coded (encrypted) and will not be used for any unauthorised activity. Nevertheless, technological progress in terms of data safety paved the way for online casino platforms that are resistant to hacker attacks. 


Players who play online slot games will soon have the opportunity to compete against other players, thanks to the latest developments. The interaction with other players will surely add to the immersive gaming experience. This way, players will have the opportunity to discuss their personal practices and approach to the game. 

Technology will continue to play an important role in the online casino industry. The market will become even more diverse with various choices and ways to play. Apart from the convenience of having your game at a click away, the key advantage of the online casino over the land-based is the variety of games and themes. 

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