A Must-Try Man Bun Hairstyles For Men

Many hairstyles come and go, and people thought the same would happen to the man bun hairstyle. This style greatly impressed many people, and it is here to stay. It has gone against many rules of the most common hairstyles like the pompadour and undercut.

If you have long and voluminous hair, (and don’t worry, losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is completely normal hair loss and to find out more about different hair loss types, visit Felix), you can never go wrong with this style. Ensure you explain correctly to your stylist what you want, and you can take a picture with you for a better understanding. There are many man bun styles trending, and this makes it hard for people to choose a style.

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  1. Classic Man Bun

Classic man is a standard style that is easy to achieve. If you have shoulder-length hair, this is the best style to go for. To achieve the style, use a comb and comb your hair towards the center of your head. Use a hairband to hold the hair together. This style is no longer as unique as it used to be, but many people embrace it since it is easy to achieve. It is also a good way of getting hair out of your face.

  1. Mini Bun

A mini man bun looks good on guys with medium-length hair because there is just enough length of hair to style it. Since your strands will strain to get to the center, you don’t have to force them. Comb your hair backward and set your bun a bit low. This helps to hold the short back strands together without straining them. Since the bun is not too long, this hairstyle is effortless to style and manage.

  1. Half Bun

This hairstyle is easy to achieve even by the most inexperienced hairstylist. You simply hold a portion of your hair, preferably the top half, and leave the rest to be free. If your hair is short to achieve a full burn, you can rock this style instead of straining your strands. You can add a little hair product to keep your short strands in place.

  1. Topknot

The name tells us all. The top knot man bun style is very noticeable. It is styled to sit up high on the head. Some people like it neat, especially if they attend official meetings, while the casual guys prefer this style to be messy. According to MensHaircuts, first, you need to create a ponytail at the part almost to the front of your head, and then you can make the bun. Obviously, you need to grow your hair to style this look.

  1. Messy Bun

If you are tired or do not want to feel your head stretching, go for the messy bun. It is loose, so no strands are pulled beyond. This style ensures you look neat but stylish, although it suits the casual guys. You also need to have a lot and long hair on your head. Use your hands to loosely hold together your hair at the back of your head.

  1. Man Bun With a Fade

Combining two trendy hairstyles never goes wrong. It brings out the fashionista in you and makes you look cool and stylish. However, you have to choose which combinations will work best for you carefully. Ask your barber to reduce your hair at the sides and hold the rest in the middle of your head. You can also go for a low undercut to give your head a better shine.

  1. Low Bun

The low man bun is a style that never goes wrong with anybody. It is simple to achieve. You simply comb your hair towards the nape of the neck and hold the hair together into a bun. You can wear this style if you are going to informal events. You can also wear it going to the office but only on casual days.

  1. Spiked Man Bun

This style works best for men with long hair. It is an upcoming style of the classic man buns, and it seems never to get old. To achieve this look, you should pull your hair at the center of your head to create a pony tail. Hold it together with an elastic band and ensure the ends remain open to give your hair the spikes vibe.

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