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A Movement is Brewing: Crave-able, pour-over fresh brew infusions of coffee and tea with mushroom, adaptogen, and botanical extractions

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Gary Shinner, Co-founder of Good Pharma, born to be the alternative wellness revolution for a better you and a better world joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Gary Shinner discuss the following:

  1. Tell us how you pivoted from selling Mighty Leaf Tea to starting Good Pharma?
  2. Why do you feel there’s a niche and need for Good Pharma Beverages?
  3. What trends do you see during our current Covid climate and wellness?
  4. Describe the benefits of your beverages.
  5. What are your long-term goals with the business?

Leaving their corporate careers of finance and real estate behind, Gary Shinner and Jill Portman began their entrepreneurial journeys developing and launching Mighty Leaf Tea.  After spending 15 years building the brand to become the leading global premium tea company, they sold Mighty Leaf to Peets Coffee/JAB Holdings.  Their hearts and interests continued in the ‘better for you” category helping mission based companies and non-profits.Their achievements notwithstanding, a longstanding vision still remained top of mind. Throughout their Mighty Leaf years of travel through China, India and Europe they discovered local rituals utilizing nature’s powerful ingredients contributing to optimal living. They experienced “food as medicine” in proactive ways profoundly changing their lives forever and became compelled to share their experiences.

Their “unfinished business” of bringing their vision to life manifested in establishing a wellness company harnessing nature’s powerful ingredients from centuries of global wisdom.  Gary and Jill’s innovations combined this wisdom with modern science to create an alternative to the pill & instant powder culture in a delicious fresh brew coffee and tea platform. After three years of research and development, Good Pharma has now been born to be the alternative wellness revolution for a better you and a better world.


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