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A List of Top Don’ts You Should Remember When Packing a Parcel for Delivery

Posted: April 23, 2020 at 8:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

You may already have a good idea of how to pack and prepare a parcel in the proper way, whether you are sending a parcel within the United Kingdom or sending it to another country in Europe. Of course, you need to have the right box, preferably brand new (in fact, experts recommend always using a brand new box rather than reusing an old one), and you also need the right packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or foam, parcel tape, and so on. If you want something sturdier, more unique, and more well thought out, consider using custom box packaging as well. But apart from all these considerations, it pays to think about what you should not do when packing and preparing a parcel. Knowing what not to do can save you a ton of hassle and headache, and you can lower the risk of your parcel getting misplaced or lost or delivered to the wrong address as well. Here, then, is a list of top don’ts you should remember when packing a parcel for delivery.

  • Here’s one golden rule on how to send a parcel: don’t try to save money by using an old or second-hand box. Even if you have more than a few parcels to send, you should invest in a new box every time – it is worth the investment, especially if you don’t want the item inside to get damaged or broken. Even if a second-hand box looks sturdy enough, its structural integrity may already be compromised without you knowing it. It’s worth investing in new boxes rather than reusing old ones; you can always buy boxes in bulk so you can get a lower price as well.
  • Don’t make use of household tape or worse, nylon or paper rope for sealing your parcel. The contents of your parcel will be better protected if you make use only of strong and sturdy parcel tape.
  • To properly send a parcel, don’t select packaging which may not be able to handle the contents or weight of the load inside. Most cardboard boxes available today will tell you the maximum amount of weight they can handle, so make sure to check this prior to choosing a box.
  • Don’t settle for simply stating that a parcel has ‘fragile’ or ‘delicate’ items inside. Even if you paste several ‘handle with care’ notes or stickers on the outside of the parcel, you should still make sure that the item is adequately protected with the use of proper packaging materials like bubble wrap, foam, or shredded paper fillers.
  • Don’t try to pack your parcel in just a bag of cloth or fabric. These will not offer the same amount of protection as a sturdy and robust cardboard box. If you want, you can still wrap the item in cloth or fabric, but place it within a cardboard box for extra protection, and ensure that the space between the wrapped object and the box’s sides is filled with foam, peanuts, or fillers.

It’s crucial to remember and follow these guidelines as best as you can, especially since the courier service may refuse the delivery of your parcel if you don’t adhere to specific requirements. You should also make it a point to check the exact requirements of the courier service, so you don’t end up having your parcel returned.  

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