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9 Tips for Formal Writing Style

Posted: March 17, 2021 at 8:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

At some point in your academic career, you’ll have to write a formal essay. Whether it’s for college admissions or a class project, writing correctly and using the correct form and style guide is key. Before you get to writing, you can check out examples on Take My Online Quiz For Me for well-written formal essays to get your wheels turning. To start getting the right idea and writing in a more formal manner, check out these tips.

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1. Pass on Passive 

When writing in a formal tone, the goal is to be as straightforward as possible. That’s why passing on passive voice is vital. Keep things in their active form so that you can paint a clear and concise picture of the point you’re trying to make. For example, think of the order: noun, verb, action. This sequence can help you remember while you’re getting to work. Below, check out the examples of active and passive and spot the apparent differences between the two. 

  • Michael drove a car. (active) 
  • The car was driven by Michael. (passive)

Notice how passive seems a bit off. It’s almost as if you have to stop and think before coming to a conclusion. Avoid making your readers do that and keep your sentences active. 

2. Watch Your Language

In formal writing, there is no room for “flowery” language. You must be direct and avoid using words that take off on tangents. Only add words, phrases, and ideas that stick to your main point and support the ideas you’re trying to introduce. You also want to avoid colloquial language, keeping slang to a minimum so that it is understandable and accepted by a large audience. 

3. Go for Consistency 

Instead of rambling in sentences, keep them short, simple, and concise. If you can say the same things in fewer words, then likely it’s better. To check for consistency, give your essay a read and see if you find lots of filler words (usually adjectives) that are unnecessary. You’ll notice a better flow and an easier read if you get to your point faster. 

4. Go Easy on the Descriptions 

Descriptions in writing are great but don’t belong in formal writing. Take it from our experts at law assignment writing service that have expertise in formal writing. While you can get creative and add in your favorite description words in your other work, you should avoid it at all costs when you’re creating a formal essay. 

5. Spell It Out

Many of us are used to writing in short form. Whether we want to add an emoji to convey an emotion or if we want to create a relaxed contraction for a phrase, we are used to it all. But in formal writing, there is no place for short forms or contractions. For example, words like “don’t” should turn to “do not.” While it might sound boring to you now, look on the bright side, you’ll meet your word count faster! 

6. Don’t Repeat 

The only time you should repeat your ideas is to summarize the content in your essay. Avoid reiterating your point, as it can get a little dull. The more you repeat, the more you take away from its effect, straying away from your central idea. If you’ve said it one time, don’t repeat it unless you’re summarizing it at the end. 

7. Stay Positive 

Using negative language takes away from the strong and formal tone in writing. For example, instead of using “do not usually” go for “I am usually.” The appearance of the positive version of a sentence without negative contractions helps you get your point across and makes your writing more readable. Therefore, you should do everything you can to keep your wording and phrases in their positive form.  

8. Use Proper Punctuation

Likely, your formal writing will be read by your professors or admissions counsel at a university. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is turn in a poorly punctuated paper. Look out for the most common mistakes, like punctuation outside of exclamations, and more. You can use grammar and spelling software to check your work, but do read over and check the final product. Software is not perfect and, sometimes, cannot get the hint of humor or slang (when applicable). 

9. Avoid Exaggerations 

Exaggerations make your essay more difficult to read and cloud your main ideas. When taking tips from writers at either or, you’ll realize that the less exaggerated you are, the more your readers will trust you and pay attention to the point you’re attempting to make. The idea behind writing your formal essay is likely you gain recognition, admission, or a good grade, all of which you’ll want to appear credible and believable. 

Try It Out for Yourself 

Writing an essay in a formal tone is not difficult, though it takes a few changes to your writing habits. Read over your writing before turning it in, and make sure your messages and ideas are clear throughout. Many people get it into their heads that formal writing is boring, and that is not always the case. It can be fun to get your thoughts and ideas out on paper more directly and concretely, creating compelling ideas. 

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