9 Project Management Apps for Better Productivity in 2021

It’s not how long you work in a day but how much work you actually get done. Many people confuse face time at work by doing a great job.

Measure your progress according to how many goals you accomplish. Project management apps help you stay the course so you’re less distracted by minor setbacks at work.

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Here are 9 productivity apps you need in your arsenal to be successful.

1. Wave Apps

If you’re a small business owner, there’s no productivity greater than getting your invoices paid on time. Get all this and more with Wave apps. 

Most of the app is accessible online but the companion app, called Invoice, gives you access to invoicing on the go. You can set up new clients, products, or services and send out payment reminders to customers.

It’s one of the top ways to track whether your account receivables are on track and in motion. Try the newest recurring payments feature to stop being a collections agency for your customers.

You can simply set up a recurring invoice and allow customers to enter payment details for repeated payments. This means all your money comes on the same date every month without sending out reminders manually. 

2. Asana

It’s hard to imagine how anyone managed projects before Asana. It’s the best way to bring teams together without having them in an in-person meeting.

Stop meeting about the meetings and opt for the Asana app instead. You can create a shared calendar for everyone complete with to-do lists.

Assign tasks to each employee with due dates for completion. Avoid complicated email chains by letting your team upload files and attachments to the Asana storage space.

Now, everyone has access without the need to constantly resend the information. Asana is just one of many project management tools and is often compared to a popular alternative called Teamwork. Check out this Teamwork Vs Asana comparison for a detailed review of both tools.

3. Focus Timer

Email, texts, and social media await with endless distractions each time you start your workday. You can put an end to the procrastination madness with Focus Timer. 

The Focus Timer is an essential tool necessary for keeping your individual projects on track each day. Use Focus Timer when you want to schedule specific tasks for specific amounts of time.

For example, you might want to work on expenses for only 30 minutes each day. Set a Focus Timer for 30 minutes so you don’t overextend yourself on reactive tasks and not get any work done. 

4. Calendar

No matter what calendar you use, it’s important to add everything from your work and personal life to a daily calendar. In today’s information-heavy world, keeping track of everything that needs to happen for work is an impossibility.

Add in personal life and you’re all but destined to fail. Give yourself a little grace by making sure your phone and computer has one shared calendar you can access from either device. 

5. Evernote

To-do lists are easier to track with a comprehensive tool like Evernote. The Evernote app is a must-have for anyone who still likes to handwrite notes.

The app magically transcribes written content into a searchable format. File your notes in Evernote by type and date.

The Evernote app is just what you need to make sure you never lose an idea.

6. Digits

Anyone who has regular percentages to calculate on the fly needs the Digits app. Unlike native calculator apps, Digits runs a tape of all the numbers you need to compute.

You won’t have to guess whether you’ve already entered a number because you can see the list of numbers in an easy to read format. The bright yellow interface makes it easy to read your computations without needing to enlarge text.

The Digits app is available for free in the Apple app store. 

7. Expensify

I love doing expenses, said no one ever. Expenses take up time in the day that you’d usually rather be doing anything else.

Still, it’s a necessary evil. Use an app like Expensify to help you track expenses in real-time. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid any conflicts with your accounting department.

They know you have your receipts because they’re already uploaded to the server. Avoid ever having to explain a charge on your corporate card again with the Expensify app. 

It’s available for free but there is a paid subscription version that offers more in-depth services like the ability to track a larger number of expenses. The app charges a monthly fee for its premium subscription version. 

8. Audio Recorder

Every device needs a solid audio recorder. Despite your best intentions, there are moments in meetings where your brain can’t stop thinking about errands you need to run after work.

Shed yourself of the shame of missing important announcements by getting a great audio recorder app. The native audio recorder on your phone is usually small enough and portable enough to do the job.

Just make sure you have a good system in place for transferring files by adding them to the cloud or emailing them to yourself. 

9. Notability

Advanced project management apps have nothing on Notability. This top-notch iPad app takes the cake on project management because it allows you to take notes that exceed even trello for mac. 

Download Notability when you want the option to draw, handwrite, type, or create charts in one note. 

Finding the Right Project Management Apps

The important thing to know about project management apps is that there’s really no wrong way to go when managing productivity. You’ll likely need a variety of apps to test out to make sure they make sense for your organization. These apps will help to consolidate the efficient management of your project, as will some proper project management training.

Your role needs to make sense for the type of apps and their data storage capabilities. Chances are, you won’t know any of this until several days into using it.

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