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7 Tips to Build a Successful Construction Business

Posted: April 24, 2020 at 2:16 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Construction is a seriously competitive business where reputation, quality of services and customer support are imperative. For your construction business to thrive, you always have to be mindful of several things.

In this post we’re going to discuss tips and strategies to build and grow a successful construction business. Let’s dive right in!

1. Customer Service

Nothing drives customers away more than bad customer service. Construction business is all about customer interaction and all your employees will be customer-facing more or less. 

Before hiring any employee, make sure they’re personable and able to deliver good customer service. They should know how to treat your clients in all phases of a construction project. 

Prior experience will count massively here. Construction isn’t something that’s taken lightly, and your clients will always remember how they were treated by you and your employees during a project. 

Your clients can be your biggest source of continued business through referrals, so customer service should be a top priority in your construction company. A great addition to offering great customer service is to have the best time-lapse camera on site to give good and accurate project updates. 

2. Efficient Accounting

Accounting is one of the least attracting aspects of running any kind of business, but that does not diminish its importance in any way. 

Most construction business owners will do accounting as an after-thought and as a compulsion, rather than something that needs to be done efficiently and just as well as other aspects of their business. 

One way to simplify accounting is to use the right software, which will automate most parts of accounting like invoicing and bookkeeping. 

Having your invoices and other financial records on digital storage also means you can access them at any time. It also makes taxes a lot easier to do when the time comes. 

3. Niche Down

Construction has a variety of niches that you can choose to specialize in. Even if you’re a general contractor, being known for one specific thing can help build trust with customers. In fact, this could end up being one of the most important factors when learning about how to grow a construction company.

For example if you’re good with window repairs, simply promote your company as being the premier window repair company. This way customers will know who to call first when they think about window repair. 

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to work for other areas of construction. Your reputation and quality of work in a niche will develop your reputation and trust and customers will often call you to ask if you can take other types of contracting work as well. 

4. Have a Referral System

Your satisfied customers are going to be your best chance in getting the word out there. Satisfied customers are already quite keen to talk about how great your services are. 

Giving them incentive to actively spread the word will help things even further. Simply offer a small discount towards their next project or repairs if they refer additional customers to you. This will generate a steady stream of referral customers for your business.

And you won’t have to spend time actively marketing for this, just offer a discount and this system will work for you, just as it does for any other business. 

5. Marketing

Your construction business’s growth will depend on how successfully you market it. Do not think that word of mouth and referrals alone will lead to sustained growth for your business.

Other companies in your space are already taking advantage of online marketing to get new customers. Generating traffic to your website is thus quite important. 

There are quite a few ways of generating inbound leads through traffic, the most important of which is creating helpful content. 

So if you’re a company that does windows repairs, write content about windows and of course window repairs. People searching for window repair content probably have some problem with their windows, and will happily call you to inquire about your services through your website. 

6. Operational Considerations

Let’s face it, construction work is a hazardous job, so make sure to cover your bases in this regard. Have insurance for potential injuries, property damage and lawsuits. 

Many insurance companies offer packages for construction companies, so choosing the right one for your business shouldn’t be a problem. 

Just be proactive about it and you’ll be in the clear. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard. Offering Construction health and safety courses would give you a step ahead and leave you in a better situation.

7. Deliver Quality Work

Construction is expensive, so your customers will expect quality and reliability from the services that you deliver. 

Do not skimp on costs or cut corners, because this will undoubtedly negatively affect your  reputation in the long run. Long-lasting quality will build trust and you’ll get lifetime customers.

Ask any marketing expert and they’ll make you realize how valuable a lifetime customer is.

So make sure that whatever kind of construction work you deliver, can stand the test of time. For this, you can also consider learning from the professionals of industrial construction. This will surely give you an insight on how to start and scale up your construction business.


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