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7 Tips for the Proper Maintenance of your Yacht

Posted: May 29, 2020 at 12:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Owning a yacht is not just for you to have fantastic experiences and activities during your spare time, but owning one requires you to implement proper maintenance. Just like any other vehicle or even equipment operated by machines, they all require maintenance.  

Somehow, the maintenance of yachts differs from its quality; it only means that if you can purchase a high-quality yacht, there will be less stress, and the cost of annual maintenance will be cheaper. Viking yachts are one of the most reputable yacht brands that have been recorded of having a high-quality performance for more than 5 decades already. 

So to properly take care of your boat, here are some of the effective ways to keep your vessel last for a long time. 

Store your yacht properly 

This might be one of the things that you have to consider even before buying your yacht. There are different areas where you can store your vessel, and one of them is harbors near your place. They offer a safe location where you can store your boat. Ports have bubbler that is also known as ice-controller, they keep the surface of the water warm to keep your yacht safe from ice. Rivers are also na ideal place to store your yacht as it isn’t much being affected by adverse weather conditions compared to seas. 

Engine maintenance 

This one should be considered to be a top priority of any boat owner. The engine is the life of your vessel, and without an engine, your boat will be useless. You don’t need to be a mechanic to maintain your yacht’s motor. You just need to know the basics, and that starts by reading the recommendations of your manufacturer. That will be your guide to make sure your engine is in good condition.

 Here are some of the primary ways to maintain your engine:

  1. Always make sure that your engine has fuel, and the motor ventilator should always be open.
  2. The water intake is free from debris
  3. Propeller is free from debris and excess oil build-up.
  4. Engine’s mount screw clamps are secure and tight. 

Check your boat’s battery 

The battery of your boat is considered as the heart of your engine; without battery, the engine won’t work. So it’s essential to make sure that your battery is in condition. The battery should always have enough stored energy to keep your engine working, and you can clean the terminals of your battery using baking soda. Always remember that batteries degrade over-time.

Electrical Lines 

This should always be in good condition as bad electrical lines can trigger fire while the engine is working. So it is vital to keep the electrical wires on check and clean. You can use a digital multimeter to make sure that everything is working properly. 

Oil and Filter 

Set a schedule to when you should change the boat’s oil and filter. Bad filter and oil can damage engine parts, so it is essential to keep it clean and maintained. Always remember that when you are changing the oil, the filter should also be replaced. 

Other fluid levels 

To make sure that your boat will run properly, you should also check other fluid levels, such as coolant and power steering fluid. It should be periodically checked. 

Tools you need to have to maintain your boat 

For you to conduct boat maintenance, it is essential to make sure that you have the tools to upkeep your yacht. Here are some items to have on hand: 

  1. Long-handled brush or spray wand to wash the boat.
  2. Pair of pliers
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Screwdrivers
  5. Soap for boats
  6. Anti-corrosive for moving parts
  7. Digital multimeter
  8. Small wire brush for cleaning
  9. Motor flusher 

Proper maintenance of your boat can preserve its quality, so if you are too busy doing these things, then you should let someone take care and handle these essential boat maintenance. Keep in mind that without maintenance, it will result in more costly damage repairs.

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