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7 Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding DJ

Posted: November 11, 2020 at 9:17 am / by / comments (0)

There are no two ways about it – booking a wedding DJ can be something of a minefield. As much as a great wedding DJ can be just the thing to get the party started, a low-grade DJ can wreck what was otherwise a beautiful day.

On the plus side, ensuring you book the right DJ for the job doesn’t have to be difficult. Just be sure to ask the following questions before making your final choice:

1. How much do you cost?

Right off the bat, you’ll want to ensure your wedding DJ is 100% honest and transparent with costs. There should be no complexities and no hidden extras in their pricing structure – nor should they attempt to fob you off with vague estimates that are likely to change.

2. What DJ equipment do you have?

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming every wedding DJ has all the DJ equipment needed to put on an unforgettable show. From DJ lighting to the PA system needed to entertain the crowd, some wedding DJs expect the venues they play to provide the equipment they need.

3. Do you have reviews from previous customers?

Taking the word of a wedding DJ at face value is never a particularly good idea. Instead, it’s far better to seek reviews and recommendations from their past customers. If they’re unable to provide any feedback or details of those they’ve worked with, you might want to take your business elsewhere.

4. Are you happy playing requests?

What you’re looking for here is a flexible and versatile DJ, who’s happy to accommodate your tastes and preferences. Some DJs can be quite set in their ways with what they are and aren’t willing to play. By contrast, others are far more flexible and will play pretty much anything you ask – whatever it takes to keep the dance-floor busy.

5. What’s your backup contingency plan?

Planning a wedding means taking every possible contingency into account ahead of time. One of which being the prospect of your DJ being unable to attend, perhaps due to illness or some unforeseen logistical issue. These are the kinds of contingencies pro DJs and DJ agencies always take into account, ensuring there’s some kind of backup option in the pipeline should things go wrong.

6. Do you have a showreel I can see?

There’s no better way of getting a feel for how a DJ gets the job done than by taking a look at a video of their past performances. All respectable and reputable wedding DJs will have plenty of video clips of their prior performances to share, so don’t be afraid to ask to see them in action.

7. Do you have public liability insurance?

Last but not least, it’s inadvisable to hire a DJ that doesn’t hold public liability insurance for any event whatsoever. The simple fact of the matter is that if your wedding DJ doesn’t carry PLI, you leave yourself wide open to a world of potential risks. Not to mention, the fact that any self-respecting wedding DJ wouldn’t even consider performing without appropriate insurance.

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