7 Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

Interior design experts encourage their clients to turn the bedroom into a sanctuary. An inviting bedroom helps you sleep enough daily. Plus, the room doubles as a place to relax after a long day. 

An inviting bedroom is the best kind to design. Designing a luxury bedroom is an opportunity to live in comfort and among extravagant touches.

To execute a successful luxury interior design, determine your starting point. You’re either upgrading the bedroom or you’re starting from scratch with a redesign. 

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Here we explore seven luxury bedroom design ideas.

1. Assess Your Bed

Every room requires a focal point. For your bedroom, it’s the bed. A luxurious bedroom design requires a standout headboard. It doubles as a piece of art and practical furnishing. 

The headboard protects your wall against damage; it also helps you keep your bed in place. When you read in bed, the headboard provides a comfortable place to lean against. 

Pick from wood, metal, and upholstered material in an array of colors. Mount it on the wall or bed. Some headboards stand on their own. 

The headboard can span the wall behind the bed. More commonly, it’s up to four inches wider than the bed frame. 

2. Upgrade the Bedding

After picking out a luxurious headboard to match your bed, upgrade the bedding. Several individuals who redesign their bedrooms for luxury draw inspiration from hotels. 

Hotels rated with four- and five-stars provide the best bedding to their guests. Thus, when you upgrade your bedding, explore their offerings.

The ideal bed linens have a high cooling capacity, are soft, and remain in good shape after several washes. They also provide health benefits, such as antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Next, pick out matching blankets, comforters, and pillows. 

3. Focus on Lighting

A bedroom requires two types of light, natural and artificial. Artificial light is important for the evening hours, especially when the days become shorter.

There are several ways to achieve the perfect mood in a bedroom. If you are looking to go over the edge with comfort and mood, look to the pink himalayan salt lamp, soothing and refreshing indeed.

Overhead lights provide maximum illumination when you’re searching for clothes in the closet or drawers.

Lamps provide sufficient illumination during your bedtime routine. For example, a nightstand lamp provides enough light for reading before falling asleep. 

Ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and sconces are three popular bedroom lighting options that create a luxury design.

4. Dress the Windows

Once you pick out the artificial lighting for your bedroom, dress the windows to maximize natural light from the sun. 

Windows benefit from shades, curtains, and coverings. For example, hang luxurious curtains to frame them. Next, add shades that limit the amount of light that enters the room.

Finish off the design with blinds. The combination of the three ensures that you receive the optimal amount of natural light year-round. In addition, curtains, blinds, and window shades protect your furnishings from the sunlight.

The sun provides several health benefits. However, over time, it causes your luxury furnishings’ vibrant colors to fade.

5. Enhance the Flooring

Bedroom floor options include hardwood, carpet, and laminates. The most luxurious remains plush carpeting. Hardwood is a close second place.

It’s nice to walk around barefoot and feel the cushy fibers in between your tools. Since this room doesn’t receive a lot of traffic, the carpet remains in good condition longer.

All bedroom floors, especially hardwood, benefit from at least one rug as an accent furnishing. They’re known for adding to luxury interior design. It’s a practical purchase that helps control the floor’s temperature and is a beautiful piece to admire. 

To understand the available inventory at your disposal, take a look at the modern luxury rugs sold by Lawrence of La Brea here.

6. Pick the Right Color

Blue remains the most popular bedroom design color. It’s possible to pull together a palette from a single color in various shades. Then top it off with an accent color such as brown. 

Green and yellow are other popular bedroom colors. For a luxury design, a palette of black and greys works too. The right color for your bedroom depends on the mood you aim to create.

If you’re curious, it’s worth looking into the science behind color and mood creation.  

Blue creates a serene environment while yellow exudes a bold attitude. 

7. Upgrade the Storage

A key trait of luxury home design is little to no clutter. Therefore, upgrade your bedroom’s storage.

Everything in this room requires a place. It’s important to dedicate a spot for the linens, your clothes, and accessories, among other items. Plus, your storage options add to the design. Closets, chests, and dressers are available in several styles, sizes, and colors.

By organizing your bedroom, you create a luxurious mood and an inviting space for relaxation.


The bathroom receives the most traffic in all homes, while the kitchen serves an important purpose. Your bedroom is your place to recharge for the next day. To accomplish a luxurious bedroom design, focus on decluttering, dressing the windows, and furnishing them with luxurious linens.   

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