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6 Tips to Let You Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-533 Exam

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Today, the world embraces the various IT innovations in handling businesses and personal daily activities. Microsoft has played an important role in ensuring that such innovations come to existence. One of the roles that Microsoft has played is awarding professionals with IT credentials upon passing the required certification exams. Thus, Microsoft credentials are categorized as MTA (Starters), MCSA (Specialists), MCSA (Experts) and MCSD (Developers). In this article, we’ll discuss one of the most popular certification exam – MCSA 70-533 which you can choose to pass if your aim is to get Microsoft MCSA Office 365 Certification Cloud Platform credential. This test is available for taking along with 70-532 and 70-535 exams, still, you are required to pass two of the three exams only.

MCSA 70-533 exam details

MCSA 70-533 tests profound knowledge on the implementation of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. Therefore, the candidates are required to have a clear understanding of the following topics.

  • Design and implementation of Azure App Services
  • Create and manage ARM Virtual Machines
  • Design and implantation of storage strategy
  • Implementing virtual networks
  • Design and deployment of ARM templates
  • Management of Azure recovery services and security
  • Management of Azure operations
  • Management of Azure identities

It is important to note that MCSA 70-533 will expire within no time. Therefore, it is necessary to know which exams will replace MCSA 70-533 test.

  1. Exam AZ-100: Microsoft Azure infrastructure and deployment
  2. Exam AZ-101: Microsoft Azure integration and security

In case you had already done MCSA 70-533 exam, you will only be required to do AZ-102: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition.

Better tips to pass

Having let you know what MCSA 70-533 exam entails, it is more prudent to show you how to pass. I am so proud to see you passing after implementing the tips I am about to highlight. Thus, find them below: 

  • MOAC

MOAC is offered by Microsoft family. It is the official guide for MCSA 70-533 exam and other Microsoft’s certification exams. It ensures that you get reliable and official information from Microsoft. Besides, subscription to the MOAC is the perfect way to grant yourself unlimited access to several practice exams. Therefore, you will have the privilege of using several materials that are set in the same way as MCSA 70-533 certification exam.

  • Get the Curriculum Outline

Apart from getting familiar with the main topics. It is also important to get a curriculum outline because it highlights even the subtopics and the objectives of every particular main topic. Besides, it is only through the curriculum outline that we can manage to set the limits of our studying. Otherwise, we can end up using irrelevant materials that will serve us no good.

  • Study with your peers

MCSA 70-533 exam is practical oriented and needs the candidates to always recall every concept that is learned during the installation, configuration and management. Your colleagues are very useful during this moment because they will also participate in providing a solution to every question that comes your way. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to provide solutions to various questions that your friends will possibly ask during the discussion. In fact, one way of acing your career in the Information Technology arena is sharing your knowledge and experience. Therefore, interact with your peers in order to gain a deeper understanding of concepts that the examiners expect you to showcase during the exam.

  • Train Efficiently

The crucial thing you should take at this step is to find the perfect prep materials designed for MCSA 70-533 certification exam. Training is part of the preparation and often the core part that should never be ignored. Therefore, it is very important that you find valid and recommended training materials. There are several sites where you can get such material but some are not ideal to make you pass the exam. Some of the websites which you can trust are PrepAway, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection and Examsnap. These platforms provide you with instructor-led video training course as well as most updated MCSA 70-533 exam dumps.

  • Use the Exam Simulator

IT is the most vibrant field that brings solutions to many life problems. ETE exam simulator is one of the solutions that has been triggered by IT professionals. As the upcoming IT professional, you should also use this software for your prep. It enables you to create, edit and do an exam in a way that is similar to that of the actual exam. It also prints your actual performance on every test that you will take using this software. Make your prep valuable with ETE exam simulator today. 

  • Consult the experts

The last tip that I will recommend to you is consulting the experts. The professionals who have already passed MCSA 70-533 exam have a way of answering the questions because they have a clear picture of how some concepts are implemented in the real world. Consult them and you will surely understand the various techniques you can use to achieve MCSA Cloud Platform credential easily.


The implementation of the tips highlighted in this article will surely result in successful completion of MCSA 70-533 exam. Take your time and prepare for the exam properly because the world is waiting that you’ll showcase the gained knowledge after getting certified. Good luck!

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