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6 Must Have Gadgets Every Small Business Owner Needs in 2019

Posted: December 14, 2018 at 3:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If you have recently started a business, or planning to start it soon, you will need to have some essential gadgets that you can use in your office. These gadgets will help you to make your daily business activities more interesting and productive.

If you’re ready to get best out of your small business, check out these six must-have gadgets that will increase your productivity without breaking your bank.

1. Business Laptop

There should be no surprise that the laptops are widely used in every field. No matter whether you are a student or a businessperson, having a laptop is an essential requirement to perform your tasks. If you’re looking to buy a one for your business, I recommend you Dell Inspiron 15. It is the latest version from Dell offers excellent hardware configuration and a great battery life.

Whether you want to create a business website, promoting your business online, preparing documents or just do anything else, a good budget laptop should be your priority. With Inspiron 15 7570, you can easily most of the demanding tasks of your business, without facing any issue. It is packed with the latest processor, higher RAM, and enough storage to make it an ideal choice for small businesses.

2. Portable POS

These days, an increasing number of customers are choosing digital payment option over cash. This is because it is fast and easy to use process. If you’re running a shop or selling some services or products, we highly recommend you to use a portable POS system. It helps to speed up transactions and increase profitability especially in those high traffic areas such as pubs, restaurants and hotels where a hospitality POS system is needed.

For small businesses, the mobile POS systems is a great option for a small business owner. The Square Reader is the best known of these mobile POS devices that does exactly what you need. In order to use it to accept digital payments, you’ll just need to set up a Square account and you’re all set.

3. Security Gadget

Whether your business is small or large, its security is an important matter of concern. Small businesses are highly targeted for crime because it is assumed they have lower security than a larger company.

From alarm to motion detector there is a wide range of options you can implement for security measures. But, the most effective method to secure your business is using video surveillance. They allow you to capture every footage of your storefront to stay updated.

4. Wireless Printer

While doing your business, you’ll need to print certain documents for which need to have a good printer. With the improvement in technology, the printers now come with more capabilities than the previous ones.

Wireless printers give you work comfortably and accomplish much more. They help you to get the work done without having t be directly connected to your computer. Though a good wireless printer are costly, in the end it is worth every penny.

5. Wireless Router

When you run a small business, you need to have a robust internet connection. In this world of advanced technology, landline and Ethernet based wired connections become outdated. Now, most of the companies prefer wireless connectivity.

To set-up a wireless connection in your office, you will need to select a suitable wireless router device. They come with an affordable price and many attractive features.

6. Portable Charger

While doing business, sometimes, you may need to go for a business trip or for a client meeting where constant connectivity to your cellphone or laptop is essential. In that case, you need to have a portable charger to keep you powered while traveling. You can reduce a risk of rushing to find a plug for your wall charger, if you carry an additional battery with you.

I hope these gadgets will help you to grow your business productivity. If you have other suggestions for this list, please share them in the comment section below.

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