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6 Benefits of Using PBNs To Boost Your SEO Ranking

Posted: September 22, 2020 at 9:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

How do you generate traffic for your website?

Did you know that 93% of experiences on the internet today begin with a search engine? Ranking high on search engines is the ultimate goal for any website. One of the best and most effective ways to boost your SEO ranking is by using Private Blog Networks (PBNs). 

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In this article, we shall expound on the benefits that come along with using PBNs to attain higher SEO rankings;

  • Direct Control

Imagine having the power to control your sites Search Engine Optimization(SEO). A Public Blog Network allows you to directly control keyword searches, anchor texts, and the links that lead back to your original website. Unlike other link building sites where you have to depend on the publisher’s approval, natural link earning methods can be unpredictable.

When building a PBN backlink, you have the freedom to link between sites to direct more traffic to your money sites. Remember, this depends on the number of blogs or sites you have on your website. Therefore, your network should have sites or blogs with current authority in search engines to get the best out of a PBN. 

Using PBNs to boost your SEO, ranking puts you in charge of your site. You get to decide the keyword searches that link to your main website. This way, you can take the necessary steps to forge forward in your business.

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  • Minimal Outreach

Link building outreach entails contacting bloggers, webmasters, marketers, or social media influencers, presenting them with your idea to get a backlink or mention your website. This requires you to come up with good content, find whom to give your content to, and follow them up until you earn a backlink.

Also, since you don’t have control over whether the owner publishes your link in the article or blog, all these efforts could be in vain. The owner might even not post the link at all.

This process requires thorough research, communication networks, and time. Even worse, you may not benefit at all. Private Blog Network backlinks guarantee benefits to your link building efforts. 

With PBNs, you are sure of backlinks to your website since you control keyword searches. What’s even better, if you have a broad website, you can minimize or even do away with outreaching all together. With the guaranteed backlinks by PBNs, you don’t have to outreach to build links.

  • Higher SERP

Expired links are more trustworthy than new ones. For this reason, PBNs are seen as a more authoritative network of sites. Using a Private Blog Network, you can control your website in terms of content and links used. That’s not all; you have the freedom to alter the anchor text to the link.

Backlinks recommend your website to search engines. Therefore, depending on the quality of backlinks you generate, PBN backlinks rank highly on search engines. Remember, you can access high-quality backlinks through PBNs.

So, ranking highly on google search engines is that easy with PBNs. All you need is access to trustworthy and high quality expired domains then create backlinks to your website. You can now sit and watch your site climb the ranks on search engines within a short time. 

  • Instant Authority

When using Private Blog Networks, you usually assume the trust and authority of an old authoritative domain. You are not receiving links from untrustworthy websites (spams) or new websites. This means that you can start influencing search engines right away.

White hat link building requires you to do extensive outreach research to land an authoritative site to link your content. However, people running these sites are, in most cases, overflooded with emails each day. They may take a long time before they get to your outreach email, and what’s even worse, you have no control over the content and anchor text to the link you may get eventually. 

Low conversion rates can be a significant setback in your link building journey. Thanks to PNBs, you don’t have to go through the whole outreaching process. You can start generating traffic to your website as soon as you begin using Private Blog Networks. This way, you don’t have to wait too long to begin enjoying the actual benefits of sites’ improved rankings on search engines.

  • Necessary Visibility 

When you come up with quality content and, most importantly, use the right search keywords, you will drive more traffic to your website. Your domain will attract more attention from users. As more online users notice your website, you can command more social media sharing, and email lists will start to build up.

Increased social media sharing will boost trust apart from increasing traffic on your website. Email lists also lead to more traffic juice on your site. The high traffic you’ve acquired will make it so easy for you to promote your ideas and products. Use PBNs to get the necessary visibility online and benefit from the more traffic juice flowing to your website.

  • Generate Revenue

PBNs can help you generate lots of revenue faster than you can imagine. As your domain boosts its rankings in search engines due to the effective use of backlinks, you will generate more revenue. 

This extra revenue can be from the more traffic driven to your website, which attracts more clients. More clients translate to better sales and increased profits, of course. You can also earn some extra revenue from the ads on your website.

Furthermore, with the necessary online visibility, you can decide to start selling backlinks to non-competitors. And just like that, you will generate revenue without you having to toil through other link building processes, which can be tedious and time-consuming.


Generating traffic to your website can be challenging. Thanks to PBNs, you achieve the necessary online visibility without undergoing the whole link building process. Get a PBN today and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with the use of this excellent SEO technique. 

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