5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe In and Around Your Swimming Pool

Some dogs are natural-born swimmers, while others will avoid the pool at all costs. Regardless of where your own pup fits into this scenario, you must take the right safety precautions in the pool area to avoid any accidents when your dog is unattended in the backyard. But how exactly does one make sure that their dogs are protected around such a large body of water? If you want to make sure your dog does not end up in harm’s way while exploring with you or by themselves, here are five tips for keeping your dog safe in and around your swimming pool.

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1. Install a safety fence that keeps dogs out of the pool area entirely.

The best way to ensure that your dog is safe around the pool is to install fencing and a pool gate that serves to keep them out of the dangerous area both when you are and when you’re not around. That said, not all fencing is made the same. You need high-quality fencing that will keep them from going over, under, or even through the protective barrier itself. You may check the sample over at Illinois Fence as they install an aluminum fence that cannot easily be destroyed by your dog and have a proper reinforcement to your background to keep them away from the pool.

Getting the right protection is as simple as reaching out to a company also like Pool Guard USA for pool fencing products that are commonly used for children and animals. With the proper barrier on your side, you can maintain the peace of mind you need to know your pup is safe when they are wandering around on their own.

2. Get a safety harness that you can use while outside.

When dogs get excited enough about something, they may often make a mad dash for it. Being able to stop your dog from running to the pool means having a harness that can keep them nearby while you are in your backyard. One excellent product that you can use for this purpose is the Joyride Harness. The Joyride Harness is a product that is designed to make the walking experience more comfortable for both dog and owner. This harness includes an innovative side ring that connects to the leash and prevents dogs from pulling, turning them around whenever they feel the need to tug. Additionally, the harness goes right over their head and secures to their body, preventing your pup’s neck from taking damage when they pull. If you need to carry them around, the harness also features a handle at the top to make it easier to grab and guide your pooch. All you have to do to get your hands on the best dog harness is to visit their online harness store when you’re ready to make the switch.

3. Work on introducing them to the pool and helping them swim (if they like the water).

Dogs, like most humans, will need some training if they are to be as safe as possible in the pool. Unless your dog dislikes the pool or has severe trouble getting around, consider teaching your dog how to swim or getting personal swim lessons for your dog. This way, their ability to navigate the pool and their overall comfort level in the water will improve over time, making it easier to trust that they are okay while you are both enjoying a supervised swim.

4. Invest in pool flotation devices and ramps or floating stairs.

Some dogs tucker out easily, which means that they may find it harder to swim as they expend more and more energy using the pool. Additionally, even though the water is a great way for them to cool off, they can suffer from heatstroke due to the amount of energy they are using to paddle. One way to make sure that they are safe in the pool is to use flotation devices that allow them to relax and defend them against exhaustion or overheating. If they do need a quick exit, you should also consider getting pool ramps or floating stairs that are more accessible for your pup than the built-in exits available.

5. Get a pool alarm to prevent accidents from happening.

Accidents happen, and dogs may somehow still get into the pool despite all of your preventative measures. In the event that your pup does end up in the pool, having a pool alarm will alert you to their presence in the pool if they fall in. While this shouldn’t be used as a way to supervise your dog, it can be a lifesaver and help you take the necessary action so that they don’t drown.

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Pools can be fun and refreshing for dogs, but they can also be quite dangerous if you are not paying close attention to your pup. In order to keep your dog safe in and around your pool, use the tips above to learn the right skills and find the right products needed to make the pool a safe space for animals and humans alike.

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