5 Reasons You Should Use AI Interview Tools

Artificial Intelligence (or what the world ‘fondly’ calls AI) is found everywhere today. It has made its presence felt in every known industry, vertical, and process, including hiring.

Whenever we talk about the hiring process, it’s hard to ignore the word ‘interviews.’ For decades, interviews have been the first step for any person to get a job in the real world. 

Now it doesn’t matter which year or decade you are in; interviewing is and was always a very complicated process. You need to contact the candidate, fix a time that is ideal for both the interviewer and the interviewee, reschedule if one of them doesn’t show up, offer feedback after the interview, and the list goes on. 

Thankfully, we are in the era of artificial intelligence, where all these complex and manual tasks are simplified and automated. And the best example of this is an AI-based interview tool. These are the software applications that help recruiters to conduct interviews with ease and make the right hire. 

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With that basic introduction, let’s look at the 5 reasons why you should embrace an AI-based interview tool today.

#1 Saves Time

An open position in the company for a long time can cost a lot of damage to the company. For starters, the overall morale of the existing team goes down as the remaining employees have to take over the work of the leaving employee till the company finds a replacement. In worst cases, a recruiter would even take 5-6 months to find a candidate to fill the open position. 

But with the advent of AI interview tools, things are different. Such tools help recruiters speed up the hiring process by offering a platform to hire candidates from any time anywhere. There are also tools that aid the hiring team by automating various processes such as screening the resumes, making appointments, notifying the candidate, conducting the actual interview over the video, etc. 

#2 Improves Quality of Candidates

If you are a really popular company, you are bound to attract a lot of candidates to your interview process. This makes it very difficult to find good-quality candidates from the vast pool because hiring biases are very common when the number of candidates is large. No matter how openly the interviewer conducts the interview process; there would also be some scope of human bias involved in the process. AI-based interview tools eliminate such biases in the interview process as it doesn’t rely too much on humans to make decisions. 

#3 Improves Candidate Experience

Using AI in the recruitment process not only makes your hiring team’s life easier but is also immensely beneficial for the candidates. One way these tools achieve this is by using chatbots to answer various queries the candidates have before and after the interview. It would give them the solutions instantly and easily, which adds to candidate experience. This also makes the candidates more connected to the organization even before they are hired.

#4 Saves Cost

There is a lot of finance involved in the hiring process. The organization must spend on job postings, hosting interviews, screening applications, and training the new employees.  So the interviewer must make sure that the company is investing in the right candidate. Now integrating AI with the interview process would add to additional costs, but it would create an effective hiring funnel and positively impact the ROI in the long term.

Remember – AI interview tools not only saves cost by eliminating the need to hire additional interviewers, recruiters, and employees, it makes sure that the hiring team is choosing the right individual to fill in the open position on the first try.

#5 Widens Talent Pool for the Interviews

Sometimes the talent you’re looking for won’t even know about your job opening. They could be candidates who have applied for other positions earlier or those you would have missed unknowingly. Many times, they could be a better fit for the job than the present candidates. The reason is quite simple – you have previously interviewed these candidates, and both you and the candidates know what you are signing up for. 

However, finding these individuals manually is a complex task that could take days. This is where AI-based interview platforms can help. Some AI interview tools will not only have a record of who you interviewed in the past but will also rank them based on their capability for the current role and notify you. 


AI-based interview tools have been a game-changer in recent times. It has turned into the perfect last piece of a complex puzzle called ‘hiring.’ By finding the right AI interview tool, you can not only automate the process to save time, money, and energy but also find quality candidates and improve their interview experience.

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