5 Of Our Favorite Supermarket Designs

Retail design is a specialized discipline in the retail space that combines various areas of construction and creativity. Primarily a specialized function of architecture and interior designing, the retail design also involves different elements such as industrial and graphic design, ergonomics, and advertising.

The chief goal of retail design is to understand consumer behavior and make the consumer’s shopping experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Due to this reason, retail design is considered a specialized discipline in the overall retail space. 

Retail spaces should draw more and new customers to them when they form a part of a retail chain shop. In the case of a retail chain, the storefront space must be unified in the retail design.  For some great retail designs can be provided by CIP Retail.

To better understand the significance of delivering premium quality services to consumers in the food and retail industry, here are 5 of the best retail designs:

1. Wheelys Moby Mart – Shanghai

In the city of Shanghai in China, a new start-up grocery store idea has emerged wherein the store comes to the customer. It is a 24X7 solar-powered mobile grocery shop that leverages AI to foresee and deliver whatever the consumer wants. To fulfill this, a customer must first download the app and call the Moby store to reserve his or her access. 

After the purchase, a smart basket tracks the list of items bought and charges the customer’s card. Such a retail idea would work very effectively in densely populated urban areas and also enhance the consumer shopping experience.

2. AmazonGo and AmazonFresh Pickup – Seattle

Amazon launched a new service for its customers in the US and especially in Seattle, called the AmazonGo and AmazonFresh, whereby customers can order products online. Instead of worrying about getting it delivered to their home or picking it up from a retailer, they can directly go to these storefronts via the drive-through kiosks, where an agent keeps the items at the back of the car, and you can easily take them and drive away.

3. Carlo Ratti x Coop Italia Supermarket – Milan

Coop Italia, one of the largest grocery retailer of Italy, debuted in 2015, and then teamed up with MIT Senseable City to offer a new digital concept of physical retail shopping. Through this new idea, a buyer could place orders with simple gestures or even a mobile app. 

With this concept, Vertical shelving got an all-new transformation via the associated products stored nearby. The process got launched fully and functionally, in December 2016, in Milan, which combined the environment of local open-air markets with innovative digital solutions.

4. Alpha Food Labs Supermarket – New York

This is another revolutionary new retail space idea in the consumer retail industry where conceptual food products together get combined with a digital sopping interface that seems an exclusively customized, predictive, and digital shopping experience. 

It combines the shopping and delivery system of big retail giants like Amazon Fresh and Fresh Direct and leverages its own algorithm to understand and analyze consumer attitude and behavior towards the products to prepare tailor-made solutions.

5. Krauter Garten by Infarm – Berlin

This new launch by Infarm, one of the largest retail storefront in Germany, in collaboration with EDEKA, is a modular system designed with cloud-connected sensors that keeps track of the health and readiness of the produce. 

Moreover, the vertical construction design moves the plants on tray enabling substantial growth and a perpetual daily harvest. This new idea has been trendy in Berlin, and the company has sold more than 400 packages of the herb in 1 month.

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