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There are people out there who want to take their chance at starting their own business. In order to do this, you need to have patience and fortitude, and you need to learn from the best. Most people would turn to moguls like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg to see how their entrepreneurial successes unfolded; however, there are plenty of other people out there that you can learn from besides those that are well known. Take a look at the following entrepreneurs you should know and see why they make a great example.


1. Aubrey Chernick

Aubrey Chernick may not be a name that you know right away, but you should. This entrepreneur and philanthropist started his own company in 1976. This company, called Cradle, was created to build software that would manage the new IBM operating system. By 2003, Chernick had become a household name in the IT world. Today, while he is still known for his work on computers, he is also recognized for his philanthropy. He believes strongly in education and does what he can to help children in need get the education they deserve. This is the true story of a man who made it big and is now using his wealth in the best possible way.

2. Julio Daniel Hernandez

Julio Daniel Hernandez is an entrepreneur who cofounded Renew Energy, a company that partners up with businesses and families to help them transition from their current energy provider to solar energy is the smartest and most cost-effective way. Before starting Renew Energy, Julio worked in sales, management and leadership development rolls. Today, he not only is the president of Renew Energy, but he also consults and coaches leaders around the globe, both in small startups as well as large corporations. He is a very positive individual who always looks to make the world a more positive place. If you’re looking for inspiration, he is the one to follow.

3. Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank. He was the brainchild behind the concepts of microfinance and microcredit, which are currently changing financial situations for people in more than 100 countries. In addition to his work that has created a new financial landscape, he is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Muhammad is a great example of how you can take a concept, run with it, and change the world.

4. Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar was looking into making some extra cash. In 1995, this computer programmer decided to start auctioning items off on his own website. Quickly, the site started generating a lot of attention, so Omidyar had to start charging fees for people to use it. His first hired employee was responsible for handling all the payment checks that would come through. Today, that website is now known as eBay. Pierre’s success story shows you that taking a small hobby can actually turn into something extremely profitable.

5. Joe Coulombe

Having an idea and then putting it into action are two separate steps. Joe Coulombe thought that maybe college students would be interested in something other than the local 7-Eleven. He decided to open up some stores in Pasadena, which he stocked with wine and healhy food. He opened these locations near college campuses, and before long, Trader Joe’s became a well-known franchise across the US.

If you are interested in starting your own business, use these success stories to create a path that will allow you to follow your heart. Even if you don’t find yourself with a common name like Zuckerberg, you can still find plenty of success with your endeavor, just like these five individuals did.

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