5 Effective Ways to Market Your Cleaning Company

Want to boost your business through marketing? Read on to learn how to successfully market your cleaning company online.

In a test done of 2,000 Americans, the number one at home task that people hate doing is cleaning the toilet. Along with a host of other cleaning tasks, it’s clear that people hate cleaning up at home and would rather hire a cleaning company.

When potential customers are looking for a cleaner, you need to have positioned yourself at the top of their search for them to even find you.

Here are three tips to ensure that you’re marketing your business the right way.

1. Start a Blog

When people search for something on the internet, they’re either looking for a specific product or the answer to a question. You can address both of these needs by writing a blog where each solution to common cleaning questions results in a pitch for how you can address that problem.

Your blog can be a great place to attract new clients and remind your current clients of the importance of keeping their homes and offices clean.

One of the most common types of searches centers around “how do iIget substance X off of material Y”. If you can write up 20 of these using common household solutions, you’ll be able to build up a serious following. Make a few video tutorials and pop them up onto YouTube and you might even be able to make your cleaning company go viral.

Let people know the value of cleaning up the way that Syk Cleaning does it.

2. Make Your Social Media Pop

One of the most common ways for companies to get the word out about new products and services now is via social media. Social media is a great place to run a flash promotion, announce a new product, or get feedback from clients.

Put out a call for a contest for a new logo on social media. Offer free cleaning services to the winner and promotion to the runners-up.

Promote your blog posts and let people know what you have to say in the world of cleaning. You might find that people are more curious than you realized when it comes to cleaning up at home or getting tough stains out of their furniture.

3. Go Old School

While you might think that most promotion happens online now, there are still ways to promote your cleaning company off of the internet. Since most cleaning business will come to you from your local community, find ways to promote yourself in the area.

Think of places where people stand around waiting, where you might have a captive audience for your pitch.

If you pick your kids up from school or daycare every day, that’s a great place to promote your business. If you’re aiming for a wider net, go to train station, bus stops, or any place where people stand in line to wait. Flyers still work when it comes to services like cleaning, especially if there’s a coupon attached.

A Well Marketed Cleaning Company Can Thrive

If your cleaning company is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, you should have no problem growing your marketing efforts and hiring more staff. The biggest initial hurdle is getting the word out. Once people know who you are, the growth should snowball.

Before you sink your teeth into marketing, check out our guide to ensure you’ve got a business plan that can manage all that growth.

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