5 Challenging Sectors for a Rewarding Career

If you are about to start your final year at school and are already thinking about potential career choices, this is certainly an exciting time to be entering the job market. Due to the rise of the technology industry over the past years, a lot of startup jobs in DC are looking for qualified applicants to be part of their team. The rollout of 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’ heralds a new dimension in digital technology and coupled with AI and nanotech, there are some great professions waiting for the right people, and with that in mind, here is our top 5 list of appealing careers that you might want to consider.

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  1. Blockchain Developer

If you love to write code, blockchain development is a very lucrative career direction, as this decentralised system is widely used to securely store data. Bitcoin, for example, is powered by blockchain technology, yet there are so many more applications for blockchain. If you major in computer science, there are universities that incorporate blockchain into the course and when you graduate, you can start as a trainee at one of the big tech giants working on blockchain development. 

Open Ledger Software

The core concept of a blockchain is secure data storage that is decentralised and due to its design, is believed to be un-hackable; Governments and corporations are already making good use of blockchain technology, storing citizen data. As this is a relatively new sector, you wouldn’t really need much in the way of qualifications; the major requirement is the ability to write code and to understand how the technology works and if you seem to fit the bill, perhaps one of the market leaders will take you on in a trainee capacity. A few years of hands-on experience would likely be enough for you to be able to work alone or as one of a team working on a major project.

  1. White Glove Logistics

This sector is most definitely one that will be around for a long time; take the leading UK company, TecDis, as an example, who offer a range of services involving the transportation and installation of highly technical equipment. White glove technicians are highly sought after and they work with a wide range of technical equipment from ATMs to MRI scanners and everything in between. You would need a background in electronics and an understanding of digital technology, while you would start as a trainee and work under the supervision of an experienced professional and after 2-3 years, you could become certified and that allows you to work in a freelance capacity.

Ongoing Learning

A major aspect of your work involves learning about new equipment, which means attending special workshops hosted by equipment manufacturers and this brings with it the certification you need to transport and install such equipment. Look at things from the manufacturer’s perspective; they are not going to entrust their very delicate and expensive equipment with anyone who is not certified by themselves. Even the transportation of technical equipment needs to be specialised, which is all part of the job.

  1. Robotics

If you love building things with your hands and are technically-minded, why not learn how to install and maintain robotic systems? You could end up actually designing the equipment, while there is always a big demand for technicians who can install and service robotic systems. Most factories are already using robots the help make products and as time passes, all factories with use robots that are controlled by computer software, meaning you have a guaranteed future if you get into robotics at the ground level.

Merging with Artificial Intelligence

Robotics and AI go together like bread and butter and if you are IT inclined, this will help when you start learning about complex robotics used in manufacturing. Machine learning is fascinating and this is the core behind AI, teaching computers how to learn and by merging AI and robotics, he could all have personal assistant humanoids at our beck and call. And this is some nice article about why AI platform is the better AI solution.

  1. Drone Technology

Drones are already everywhere and, in the coming years, we will see these flying devices delivering products to consumers. Indeed, there are a few special logistics trucks that launch delivery drones for Amazon, who are always at the forefront of innovative technology. A quick YouTube search will reveal clips of people-carrying drones that will one day be the norm; you can design, build and maintain drones if you get into this field now, while it is still in its infancy.


This is a core aspect of drone design and if you show a talent for drone design, you could end up as a top drone designer and you would command a very high salary. The potential for drone use is huge, small drones can, for example, locate livestock, inspect fencing and boundaries, spray crops and, of course, delivering goods.

  1. Personal Trainer

With the current trend for health & fitness, you can enjoy a rewarding career as a person trainer and as long as you are fit and able, you can enroll in a 200-hour online course that results in you obtaining official certification as a personal trainer. The lengthy course covers every aspect of instructing others on physical fitness, including how to evaluate a person’s physical fitness level, how to put together an exercise routine, plus essential information about diet, which is an important aspect of fitness and general well-being.

Be Your Own Boss

When you are a qualified personal trainer, you can work anywhere in the world, such as being on the staff of a 5-star health resort in Thailand, while others prefer to freelance their services; either way, you will never be out of work if you are a qualified personal trainer. For more information on self-employment, click here.

The above are just a few of the sectors that offer a challenging and rewarding career and for further details, Google is your best friend. Once you have made a decision, check to see what core subjects will assist you in your quest, then you can apply for the right university degree that will be a springboard to a successful working life.

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