5 All Time Best Android Apps

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Our phones are always at hand, for many they’re a CenterPoint of our day to day – as they have developed over the years, the technology inside has become better alongside it. There are millions of apps across the different platforms – those that offer us distraction in the form of video like YouTube and Netflix, a library of games from puzzle and strategy, to betting and some casinos that still accept credit cards – but there are also a wealth of apps that provide utility for our day to day, whether they be to help organise or to remember – we’ve put together a list of some of the best android apps on the app store.

  • LastPass – We access many different sites each day, and recommendations always suggest we have different passwords for each different site – but with so many to remember it can be difficult, and that’s where LastPass comes in. It is free with the option of a subscription for additional features – it is a cross platform software, with use on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device all being tied together. There are many other options, but with the extra option to add an authenticator and with the long history it has been established for, LastPass is one of the better choices.
  • Bouncer – As with LastPass, security is becoming an increasing concern for many – keeping on top of privacy policies and app permissions is something that most don’t have time for in their day to day, which is where the value of an app like Bouncer comes in. At the low cost of $0.99, it’s cheap – the app allows you  to grant temporary permission to certain apps, meaning if you don’t want to display location settings, allow file access, or disable camera access, you no have the ability to without going digging through lists of settings that aren’t always clear. 
  • Podcast Addict – Another free app with a small cost if you feel like supporting the developers for extra features – it has a very simple to use interface and a download manager to organise our growing list of favourite podcasts – as more and more of us start listening to podcasts on a daily basis it can become difficult to keep track of newer episodes, and this app offers a simple solution to that.
  • Google Opinion Rewards – Everyone likes something for free, and this app gives you a way to access some of the paid apps on this list for free. Google will send you a survey once or twice per week, usually around things you’ve been watching or apps you’ve been using and ask a few questions about these, some very short and others a little longer – but for a quick survey each week, you can quickly accumulate a little pocket change to get an extra eBook or access to your favourite premium app.
  • Calm – As more focus is placed on mental health, apps like Calm are starting to become increasingly popular – focussing on meditation methods such as breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety, as well as methods to promote better sleeping habits, self-improvement is the newest trend coming to us.

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