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4 Polish Celebrities that have a passion for gambling

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Gambling is very popular entertainment in Poland and a lot of celebrities always enjoy their moment playing casino games. As far as gambling is concerned, there have been several rumors about popular Polish celebrities participating in gambling. Most of these celebrities have a passion for gambling and love spending money in the casino.

Even if you find it hard to believe, the story will get you convinced. These popular Polish celebrities are popularly known to make use of land-based casinos in the past. However, since the advancement of technology and the rapid evolvement of Polish online casinos like polskie kasyno online, almost everybody values privacy. And it’s hard to see a popular celebrity participating in land-based casinos anymore. Most of these Polish celebrities are regarded as famous professional gamblers.

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Here’s a list of popular Polish celebrities that have a passion for gambling:

  • Wiktor Malinowski

According to the opinion of Klara Czerwinska here, as an expert in guest post topics, Wiktor Malinowski is a popular handball player in Poland who has a unique passion for gambling. He was born in August 1994. Throughout his career, he has got a thing for poker games. Even though he formerly played handball for the national team league, Malinowski loves to play poker. And guess what? He always wins a huge amount of money anytime he plays. In August 2020, he won up to $842,438 from playing poker with Michael Addamo. So, it’s right to say that Wiktor Malinowski has a remarkable passion for gambling.

  • Henry Orenstein

Henry is a business entrepreneur and a professional toymaker. But that’s not all because he’s a professional poker player. Henry gained a lot of fame as an American toymaker before he was recognized among the best poker players from Poland. In 2008, New Jersey hall of fame tournament, henry won a huge amount of money reaching over $200,000. That’s not all because, throughout his whole career, he has always got a passion for gambling. 

  • Michael Gracz

Michael made a name for himself as a professional poker player. He made a lot of winnings that exceed $3,000,000 throughout his career. He’s a popular celebrity that has a passion for gambling. He was born in October 1980 in Poland. He participated in a lot of poker tournaments between other professional players.

That’s not all because he served as a professional commentator for the fox sports poker tournament.

  • Nic Szeremeta

Nic Szeremeta was born in June 1943 in Poland, who was often referred to as Mr. poke. Nic spends most of his time creating the Poker series. His love for poker was impressive. Even when he plays, there’s always something amazing to observe. He managed to win the World series poker media event in 1996. Nic is a celebrity that has a passion for playing poker games. His total winnings throughout his time playing poker exceed $200,000. 

He created a newspaper magazine group before buying a gambling office. At the early stage of opening the betting office, he lost a huge amount of money. But that didn’t take long before he sold it at an increased profit. Nic is someone who values gambling and has to participate in tons of it. Though Nic was born in Poland he has traveled to both the UK and America for Poker tournaments.


Most of the time celebrities also want to have fun. There’s no rule restricting them from gambling. After all, they are humans with a huge net worth. Celebrities are known to have a huge bankroll and gambles on popular casinos in Poland.

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