4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Level Up Your Beauty Business

The beauty industry is huge, with over89 billion dollarsin sales every year – that’s just in America. With an industry this big, there’s bound to be competition. If you own a beauty business and are looking for ways to bring in more customers, here are four easy digital marketing strategies designed to take you to the next level.

Social Media Marketing

Hopefully, you already have social media accounts, but are you using them to their full potential? Your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other accounts should be carefully curated to attract customers. Develop aplanfor your social media. Who’s the voice behind your business? What tone will you take in your posts? Who are you trying to draw in/target? What are you trying to accomplish (more visits to your website, more customers in the store, etc.)?

Create an editorial calendar and a plan for your accounts. Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’ll do it, the rest will fall into place. You can post weekly tips on how to apply themagnetic lashesthat are popular in your store. You can show customers how the magnetic lash strip works and explain that they can throw away their messy glue. A product like this has a learning curve and can feel very different the first time, so getting customers familiar with it before they buy will help them be confident in you and what you’re selling.


Video Production

Video marketingis a bigger field than you might realize. People want to see products in use, especially beauty products. As a team, you can produce videos that highlight everything your store has to offer. This combined with social media marketing is a great way to draw in new customers. It’s one thing to post a picture of magnetic eyelashes, but it’s even better to post a video of someone putting them on.

People will get to see the product’s details and they’ll be inspired to come into the shop to try the item themselves. Your videos will make customers want to try what your store has to offer, and they don’t need to be an elaborate production. Just going on Instagram Live while in the shop will give followers an impression of you and your business. Video marketing can be as simple or complex as you want.


Marketing Automation

Are you overwhelmed by the different ways to engage with customers?Marketing automationmight be perfect for your business. With automation software, you can set up your marketing strategies and watch them work. The system will send out regular emails for you, which can be triggered by different actions like downloading product reviews or requesting a how-to guide.

You can automate your social media platforms, which helps you keep your editorial calendar on track. Marketing can get overwhelming and if you’re trying to do everything yourself, things might slip through the cracks. With automation, you never have to worry about missing a task or losing a potential customer.


Website & Online Advertising

Your website is a huge part of your digital marketing strategy since many potential customers will visit your site before they step foot in your store. Your website can be simple, but don’t make it difficult to navigate. Have all the appropriate information on there and make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

In addition to your website, invest in online advertising. Withmobinner.com, you can get the most out of your digital ads. Their smart algorithms optimize traffic and help bring more people to your website and into your store. Plus, you can choose the perfect payment model for your needs, whether it’s a cost per click, cost per action, or another option. The right ad can help you gain business and Mobinner is ready to help with whatever you need.


Don’t neglect your business’s digital marketing. Put your store ahead of the competition and engage in the right strategies. You’ll notice a huge difference in sales in no time.

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