3 Ways To Get Cheap RuneScape Membership

RuneScape is nearing its 20th anniversary this 2021, and the game is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon since the game developer has already released a new update for Old School RuneScape by opening Soul Wars minigame to its players.

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This popular MMORPG has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and for the past few years, its player base has been growing steadily due to its developers. Jagex, the makers of RuneScape, is constantly improving the game to cater to their players’ preferences and needs.

Most of them started out as Free-To-Play players (F2P), and if you’re part of that group and have been playing the game for quite some time now, you might already be thinking of becoming a RuneScape member soon.

Sure, RuneScape is a free game, but having your own RuneScape membership gives you access to exclusive game features like being skilled in slayer, agility, construction, or farming. All of those are members-only skills that can bring a good amount of gold your way once you’ve mastered them. It also opens up doors for you by allowing you to explore more locations and access shortcuts throughout Gielinor.

All worth it, right? But what if you don’t want to pay the full membership price, do you have other options?

Yes, you have and we’ll discuss the 3 ways you can get cheap RuneScape membership today.

Using OSRS Gold

You can become a member by using OSRS gold, and it will cost you about 5,100,000 million OSRS Gold to get a single OSRS bond. If you’ll consider the price of a million OSRS gold at $0.58. One bond will be worth $2.95, and this will give the ability to exchange bonds for RS memberships.

Using OSRS Bonds

If you don’t want to buy OSRS gold to get your RuneScape membership key, you can buy bonds directly from RuneScape’s official site. In fact, this was the most common way to gain cheap RuneScape membership for several years before players discovered a new and faster way to do so.

Basically, you will have to get your hands on an OSRS bond by buying it, acquiring it through gift, or trading for it.

Using OSRS Gold Selling Sites

If you really want to get cheap RuneScape membership, the best way to do it is through RuneScape gold selling sites that offer membership keys to its clients. A couple of sites that do that are Probemas and Eneba, and all you have to do order your membership key. Much like what you will do at RuneScape’s official site but at a fraction of its original cost.

For example, a 3-month membership will cost you $29.99 if buying directly from RuneScape. If you’ll get the 96-day membership key at Probemas, it will only cost you $18.99. The best thing about it is you get to choose among several membership terms from 16 days to 292 days.

Once you have your membership key, all you have to do is activate it by going to RuneScape.com and clicking on “Subscribe”.

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