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3 Tips for Being a Management Leader, Not a Management Boss

Posted: September 9, 2019 at 6:25 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When running a business, it will always be difficult to maintain everybody’s happiness, all of the time. With tough decisions to be made, it’s inevitable that you will upset the balance a little, but that’s just business, and unfortunately a part of being in charge. What’s important is how you act during these times of transition, and how your team responds to you as a manager. If your team understands that you don’t revel in the act of making hard choices, they will not resent you for it. Building a team to respect you as a good leader and not just a difficult boss is the gateway to running a successful business.

So how can you be an inspiring leader rather than a basic superior?

  • Set an Example 

An important quality of a leader is showing that you’re willing to undertake tasks, rather than sitting back doing nothing and giving your team endless instructions. Naturally, in a management position you will have to delegate and assign responsibilities, and it will not be your job to undertake other job errands. However, small gestures can make a huge difference, such as offering to make a hot drink for everyone when usually your team makes you one. Show that you don’t believe yourself to be above anything.

Although, it’s crucial while doing this to maintain your role of authority.

  • Ask for Suggestions

Show that you appreciate your team’s input by asking them for ideas and feedback. This is also a great way to get them thinking and be creative for themselves, which works far better than you constantly dictating the way things should be. Perhaps you could ask for suggestions on how the team best thinks the business premise could be more eco-friendly and what changes they would like to make. It is their working space, too, after all, so they will appreciate being asked. This could be anything from installing power-saving light bulbs to repositioning desks closer to natural light sources. For more information on energy-saving solutions, click here.

  • Encourage Team Bonding

A lot of employees in large businesses don’t particularly enjoy the relatively forced ‘team-building’ exercises that are commonplace in the workplace. Suggesting team bonding might sometimes be met with anxiety or awkwardness from your team if it’s done in an official, pressured manner. 

Try and be creative and innovative with your team bonding ideas by doing it in a way which doesn’t scream forced team bonding.This could be inhouse activities to improve the work environment, which could be done as a team. Perhaps you can have a team endeavour of trying to make the business more ‘green.’ 

If you have the space, you could suggest creating a better outside relaxation area for your employees (as this will benefit them and show that you care), perhaps along the lines of a small garden with potted plants. Your team should also appreciate that you’re making conscious efforts to help the environment. 

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