3 Strategies For Getting More People To Listen To Your Podcast

Whether you’re putting out a podcast as a way to further market your business and make more money or you’re simply releasing this type of content for the fun of it, one of your main goals should be to get as many subscribers and listeners as possible. However, if you’re just getting started in this area, you might not be sure of the best ways to go about doing this.

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To help anyone in this situation, here are three strategies for getting more people to listen to your podcast. 

Cater To Podcast Loyalists

For most podcasters, the ideal listeners that they’d have are those who are loyal to their specific podcast. With these types of loyalists, you’ll get them to subscribe to your podcast rather than just listening to your podcasts on a hit-or-miss basis. 

To cater to this type of listener, Neil Patel, an online marketing guru, recommends that you take steps that make it easy for people to subscribe to your podcast rather than just streaming the content. Additionally, if you’re able to create podcasts that build off of previous podcasts that you’ve recorded, this will entice people to come back and listen to more of your content in order to get the full picture or story that you’re sharing. Along with this, make sure you’re releasing content on a regular basis so that anyone who does become a loyalist to your podcast will make listening to your content a part of their routine. 

Create More Touchpoints

Although producing a podcast isn’t something that’s necessarily easy or simple to do, if you want to encourage people to better connect with you and grow into subscribers and lifetime listeners, you’ll likely want to create more touchpoints with your audience than just your podcasts.

Some options you might want to consider, according to Anchor and Medium.com, are building a website for your podcasts, sending out email marketing campaigns, using social media to your advantage, and connecting with people who are interested in you through various online platforms. All of these things will get you in front of more people and give your podcast more exposure 

Invite Interesting Guests

Podcasts have seen a big increase in content creation and interest from listeners in the past few years. Because of this, you could greatly benefit from leveraging other podcasters or interesting guests to bring more attention to your podcast.By bringing in interesting guests who already have their own following, DigitalMarketer.com shares that you’ll be introduced to potential listeners that may not have found you otherwise. 

If you have a podcast that could benefit from having more listeners and subscribers, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve both of these objectives.

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