Anthony Canecchia

3 Lessons from Anthony Canecchia, a Very Successful Entrepreneur

Anthony Canecchia

Anthony Canecchia, owner and master brewer of San Tan Brewing, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Phoenix valley. His success can be attributed to his willingness to learn, motivation, and desire to help others become successful. With his strong motivation to succeed, he worked hard for seven years to hone his ability to brew the best beers at Four Peaks Brewing Company. His hard work paid off because it allowed him to create his own brewery in 2007 called San Tan Brewing.

Since he needed help in establishing the brewery and running it, he asked Executive Chef Dennis Martinez to be his partner in the venture. With their undying passion towards creating the best beer and food, San Tan Brewing turned into one of the best international destinations worldwide. The ability of both Anthony and Chef Dennis to combine beer and foods perfectly is the reason behind the instant success of San Tan. In fact, it is now among the best Arizona breweries. It even became part of the top 10 list of the best breweries created by the Phoenix New Times recently. But there are a few key lessons that can be seen through Anthony’s story.

Lesson #1 – Hire the Right People
One lesson that even Billionaires agree upon is that success is reached at an exponential rate by hiring the right people. Anthony definitely believes that hiring the right people and training them to be the best are just few of the most essential skills that an entrepreneur must have. That’s why he doesn’t hire anyone that doesn’t fit his company’s culture.

In the context of hiring, the people that a potential business owner must consider including into his workforce are those who share the same vision as him. This means that the entrepreneur should work hard to assess the values of the potential employee during the hiring process. The best employees are those who share the “why” of their employers. This means that they share the same reasons why the company exists and does what it does. Working with people who share the same vision as yours is a good way to flourish in your chosen industry. People who share the same vision usually share the same commitment as well.

Lesson #2 – Think Big, but Keep it Simple
Often, the best and biggest ideas are simple ideas. Many entrepreneurs tend to over-complicate things and spend too much time doing research. But you really should make sure to keep everything simple. Pressuring yourself will never lead you anywhere. Thinking big by using simple ideas is crucial towards receiving enough motivation to succeed. Anthony believes that big ideas come from simple ones. It only takes the right execution of the simple ideas established and thought about in order to make it work in your favor.

Start by thinking about what you would like your established business to achieve within the short-term. Avoid putting too much pressure on your goals since this might lead to frustration that may also result to giving up immediately. Reach small goals, but make sure to establish goals for the long-term, as well. Every goal should be realistic but stretched at the same time so you have to push yourself and your team.

Lesson #3 – Focus and Don’t Dink Around
Focusing on one thing at a time, which can increase your profitability, is also one of the lessons that a prospective entrepreneur can instantly learn from Anthony Canecchia. It is not good to chase all your goals at once. The best thing that you can do to succeed in business is to reflect on your goals and focus on achieving one first.

Execute steps that work in achieving the first goal you would like to reach. Focusing on a single objective, instead of doing everything all at once, make it easy for anyone to become successful in business. Each of your achievements is also a powerful way to stay motivated to work hard and move towards reaching the next objective.

With all the positive attributes of Anthony Canecchia, it is not surprising that his company has continued to grow at such an astounding rate. These three lessons can be seen in the lives of other successful entrepreneurs as well.

San Tan’s distribution will become even wider than it is today considering the new and huge distribution facility, which the company developed just recently. This will further increase the chances of San Tan Brewing Company to become the biggest brewery and beer distributor not only within Arizona, but in the entire U.S.

Author’s Bio
Anthony Canecchia is the owner of San Tan Brewing, one of the fastest growing breweries in Arizona. Besides brewing some of the most amazing beer you’ll ever taste, Anthony also enjoys spending time with his family. Connect with him on Facebook and Google+.

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