10 Ways to Overcome the Autumn Blues

When autumn comes and days are getting shorter, many people face «autumn blues» – a kind of depression when there is no willingness to do anything at all. Only to drink hot tea and sleep a lot. Well, these two activities are quite reasonable, so who doesn’t like doing that? But if your goal is to get rid of the autumn depression, here are 10 tips that can help. Well, how to bring the good mood back and what things can help to feel like those hot peppers from Extra Chilli slot: confident and bracing?

Photo by Jacob Colvin from Pexels

№ 1: Walking Outside

Yes, days are shorter and it’s much colder than in summer. It’s often raining. But sunny days still take place. And it’s a real pleasure to go out and enjoy all those yellow leaves falling down from the trees. You will be surprised how big the influence of air on our mind is. A short walk at least once a day is your best cure.

№ 2: More Decorations

Even when you arrange daily walks, you still stay at home more often this season. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with pleasant decorations – candles, various lanterns, even Christmas lights. Don’t forget about warm blankets, soft sweaters and furry cushions. By the way, stuffed animals will also come in handy.

№ 3: Time for Watching Movies

What is a cosy evening when you don’t get under the blanket and turn on your favourite film? Here are the kinds of movies you can enjoy:

  • old retro movies;
  • romantic films;
  • famous serials;
  • funny cartoons.

Don’t forget to invite friends to watch some comedies together.

№ 4: Games to Have Fun

They can be adventure games, simulators or even gambling kinds. Just remember that when you select the last option and get the bonuses as well, you should be of a legal age. Don’t forget about the responsible gaming rules and try out the games for free at slot v casino before getting to play for money.

№ 5: A Bit of Studies

Another thing that can help you get away is thinking about the new goals. You can make a plan of how to learn new skills that can be useful in your job or hobby: languages, practicing in doing something new. That’s why many classes start working right in autumn.

№ 6: Hot Drinks

Strong coffee in the morning, hot tea in the afternoon and sweet cocoa before going to bet – what else can cheer up more than this? This approach both warms up and helps to feel relaxed enough. Buy several new sorts of tea and grab delicious cappuccino while going to work – really delicious tip, isn’t it?

№ 7: Sports Skills

No doubts, staying at home and spending time on a soft sofa is a pleasant thing. But in order to feel active you have to stay active as well. That’s why visiting the gym several times a week or doing yoga even at home is a good practice to lift the spirit.

№ 8: Hobby Time

Your favourite hobbies or the new activities can also make you a bit more happy. Buy a new sketchbook to practice painting or visit the vocal studies. Besides, you can try out the following:

  1. embroidery
  2. sewing
  3. flower arrangement
  4. making jewelry
  5. reading
  6. even writing your own book

№ 9: Aromatherapy

The faint scent of coconut or a note of vanilla in your house will make you the happiest person ever. Of course, you can choose the fresheners you like – cinnamon, citrus, ocean breeze or something of that kind. Candles with roses or shower gel with lavender? Sounds good. By the way, buying new perfume is also an attractive idea.

№ 10: Cleaning Day

Unbelievable, but cleaning up is not only a boring routine. Go through the old stuff, get rid of the things you don’t need and save space for new things if you are going to redecorate your place a bit. It’s also about clothes, files on your PC, even photos on your smartphone.

Use the following tips and don’t let the autumn depression put you in a bad mood!

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