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10 Tips How To Make Money In Retirement

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Disability in retirement age is very individual. Someone 40 years old begins to quickly lose energy, and someone up to 70 years can run and make 100 things a day. The energy and richness of life depend on the person. Continually work and achieve goals or relax and enjoy life only you should choose. To understand whether you need to look for a job in retirement, you need to evaluate yourself and your life according to the following criteria. Find these criteria below.


Before choosing an occupation, you need to evaluate your health – whether it allows you to deal with the chosen case or will only worsen the situation? This should help you decide what kind of work suits you. 

Financial situation

Soberly assess your financial situation – is there enough money not only to pay bills but also for entertainment? Saving for retirement is the easiest way to live in comfort when you get old. However, for this you have to find the best way to save for retirement that suits your situation and start saving money in advance. Then you will have a carefree life after the retirement. However, if you did not have a possibility to save enough money for comfortable life, then this can be a good motivation to find a job. 

Retirement planning

If you plan to help your family, or there are no goals in general, every work will become a routine, thus, before thinking about business, think about future plans – trips, shopping and make a list. 

Free time

It is advisable to have at least 2-3 hours a day for work. If the time for various reasons is absent, then it is better to transfer the idea of earning money for the future.

How To Make Money In Retirement?

1. Handmade

It’s not just knitting socks and hats, although they are in demand, the current handmade suggests more refined types of needlework (like on Etsy): 

  • diamond embroidery
  • scrapbooking
  • embroidery ribbons
  • manufacture of accessories from tapes
  • beadwork
  • wallow
  • patchwork

2. Sewing 

If you have a sewing machine, the appropriate skills and taste, and the products are neat and sit exactly on the customer’s figure – sewing at home brings income, especially the creation of design models in the spirit of the latest fashion trends. Also popular is repair of clothes, sewing of lightning, artistic embroidery and darning on knitwear.

Not only can you make money from sewing but you can also share your knowledge to make money from a blog about your passion. You’ll build a community around your site and can sell printables, designs or even books.”

3. Baking and cooking

Cakes and pies, cookies, candy and muffins – all this can be cooked at home. If you love and know how to cook delicious, it gives you pleasure – this is a great way to combine business with pleasure. 

4. Growing seedlings of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, medicinal plants

For pensioners living in the village or having their own summer cottage with a greenhouse, growing seedlings and collecting medicinal herbs is an excellent occupation that brings in additional income. 

5. Cultivation of domestic animals or pets

For pensioners with agronomic, veterinary or biological education, growing chickens and quails, rabbits, as well as decorative and exotic animals – hedgehogs, guinea pigs, hamsters can be an excellent hobby. Chickens, ducks, turkeys, quails will provide you with environmentally friendly eggs and meat, and chickens in spring and early summer are the best-selling product from farmers. 

6. Nanny or nurse

Many young mothers try to return to work as soon as possible after the birth of the child. With the current distrust of state gardens and manger, the services of babysitting are necessary to them as air. To look after the child it is possible at home or at the client’s house. A nurse with the possibility of nursing a bed-patient is always in short supply, while this service is well paid, especially if associated with a permanent residence with the client.

7. Tutoring

It is another profitable occupation for teachers in retirement, especially popular as tutors with knowledge of foreign and English languages and the exact sciences (math, biology, physics, chemistry, etc.).  

8. Copywriter or rewriter

The work is suitable for philologists, linguists, and those who speak the word and write correctly. Writing student papers, diplomas, abstracts to order is a very popular service for wealthy students. For this type of admission, you need knowledge of the subject and the requirements for registration.  You will get messages from students with the text “I’ll pay someone to write my paper” daily. If you speak foreign languages, you will easily find work on translating texts or documents.

9. YouTube

You can create a video blog to record training videos or create a vlog about your life. If you include monetization, then for each video you can receive not bad money. If the channel becomes popular, then revenues can increase to millions! The main thing is to have a good camera, learn how to mount video and buy a microphone so that the sound goes clearly and loudly.

10. Retirement investment

Write down on the sheet of paper what you were interested in your life and if you have savings for retirement, you can invest them into personal business. Now, to promote your services, you do not need to create websites and invest a lot of money, it’s enough to declare yourself on popular Internet sites.

Work should save money, especially if it’s a job in retirement. If the soul requires action, new knowledge, expansion of the circle of acquaintances, one must use the slightest opportunity to change a life. It’s never too late to sign up for a refresher course or a new type of embroidery, the main thing is not to sit on four walls in anticipation of a miracle. You have to create a miracle yourself. 

Of course, making such a significant change in such age is not easy but it is possible – if you have any doubts, you can always find like-minded people or ask for advice of people who already work in retirement. Besides, Millennials can also help mentor upcoming retirees, assist them in a choice of profession or job search, which would be quite handy for many people.


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