10 Business Travel Tips for Orlando Flyers

Business travel is great because it gives you the chance to get out of the office, see new places and meet important stakeholders face to face. 

However, after a while, working on the go can start to take its toll. 

So before you fly off from Orlando MCO Airport on business, here are 10 terrific travel tips to help you on your way.

  • Flight updates 

When you’ve got important meetings to prepare for, the last thing you need is to be worrying about transport. You can reduce the burden by arranging for Orlando Airport flight alerts to be sent to you via text or email.

  • Treat yourself

MCO Airport has multiple Xpres Spa outlets, so it’s well worth booking yourself in and indulging in a treatment or two before you get down to business. 

  • Customer loyalty  

Many hotels are known for giving corporate rates and discounts to loyal customers. So if you’re frequently travelling for business, you should try and use the same hotel each time.

  • Company connections

If you’re heading on a lengthy business trip, it’s a good idea to arrange some additional meetings with local businesses. Just make sure you contact them well in advance so that you can create an organized meeting schedule.

  • Travel apps

There’s a mobile app for just about every aspect of travel, which makes them a must for the modern-day business traveler. There’s even an Orlando MCO Airport app to help you make your way through the airport with ease. 

  • Expenses 

When you’re busy travelling from meeting to meeting, keeping track of your expenses can be challenging, and business travel isn’t cheap. To minimizes the stress, it’s worth using an expense management tool such as Spendesk to track your spending. 

  • Business cards

Business travel is your opportunity to promote your name and your brand to wider audience and build up a strong network. So make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand, to help you make a memorable first impression. 

  • Sleep

No matter how busy you are, don’t be tempted to sacrifice sleep in order to get things done. Sufficient shuteye will help enhance your entrepreneurial success by keeping your energy levels up so that you can be work productively on your trip. 

  • Sightseeing  

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, no business trip should be all work and no play. So factor in time to do some sightseeing. This could be something as simple as taking a walk or a guided tour, but it’ll make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. 

  • Drive

If you want to get your business trip off to the best possible start, you should drive to the airport. In your car, with full control over your route, you’ll feel cool, calm and confident. Remember to book parking too – you’ll find Orlando Airport parking deals on Looking4.com. 

Follow these tips and you can look forward to a business trip that’s plain sailing and productive, before you’ve even set foot in MCO. 

That’s our list! Share your business travel tips in the comments section. 

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