10 Best Podcasts for UX/UI Designers

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It is hard to stay tuned to all the modern trends, newest issues, and successful products that are created every day. However, this is a vital skill for UX/UI designers who are in search of new ideas. Podcasts made by professionals from top UX design agencies are perfect if you want to get the most relevant information about design regularly. In this post, you will find a collection of 10 of the top podcasts about UX/UI design that are all certainly worth listening to.

Top Podcasts to Keep up With About UX/UI Design

Hacking UI

Designers from Prospero, Google, Adobe, Facebook, WordPress, Apple, and a dozen other world-famous companies have already been guests of Hacking UI. This fact alone is reason enough to start listening to the podcast. The podcast doesn’t worry too much about the format and the areas discussed. Instead, they bring on eminent guest speakers. You will learn unexpected facts and enlightening realities about working in the field. The podcasts are available on the Hacking UI site. 

User Defenders Podcast

User Defenders is hosted by UX developer Jason Ogle and is an imitation of The Tim Ferriss Show. Every episode is dedicated to the work of individual designers and discusses the ways their work actively solves important user issues. The show is well made and is an interesting listen even for the most experienced professionals. 

UXpod – User Experience Podcast

This fascinating podcast discusses complex UX principles that can help us understand how to be better designers in the future. It has a fairly irregular schedule, but it has been out and active for a while. As you wait for a new episode, you can listen through their large library of past episodes – the content is great, and every episode will keep you engaged.

The Big Web Show

The presenter Jeffrey Zeldman is an excellent storyteller and interviewer. During conversations with guests, Zeldman not only discusses problems in the world of design, but he also connects the guest’s story with current trends and problems in the field of website design. Further, he also makes sure to draw original parallels with related areas and fields. You can listen to episodes that have already been released on iTunes.


Clever has released over 80 episodes till now. Jaime Derringer is the founder of the famous Design Milk publication; Amy Devers is a designer, blogger, and TV personality. They founded the Clever podcast and have been producing it for several years now. Authors talk to photographers and designers about their careers, work problems, and solutions. Their stories are inspiring, especially if you are in a creative crisis or just starting design projects on your own. 

Design Matters

This podcast was one of the first, but definitely not one of the least, to touch on the topic of design. With the first episode released more than 13 years ago, host Debbie Millman still pushes the envelope of discussions surrounding design. The guests of the podcast are some of the most famous representatives of the creative industries. This fact alone makes it worth listening to. With over three hundred episodes available, there is plenty to keep you busy. 

Google Design Podcasts

Google is committed to always creating new products, and podcasts are no exception. Designers from various departments at Google and guests are invited to discuss issues of design together. Life hacks and Google work methods are also often discussed. There is valuable information episode in and episode out. 

UX Podcast

This podcast should be listened to by every specialist in UX design. During the broadcasts, the presenters, together with specialists in the field of design, discuss current UX problems. The creators also organize engaging conversations when several guests discuss the same problem all at once. You can find the podcast on the UX Podcast website.

UX & Growth

The Austin Knight podcast has a very interesting format: the presenter, along with his friends from Mozilla, InVision, and other companies, talk about his vision of design, the future of the industry, existing problems and how to solve them. You can listen to the podcast on the Austin Knight website.


Wireframe Talks About UX Design Challenges and Solutions

This podcast is a must-have for all newcomers to UX design – no exceptions. The presenters and guests not only discuss problems and trends but also talk about ready-made successful design solutions. And even if you don’t always agree with the presenters, a podcast is an excellent source of information for working methods that help solve problems in interface design. You can listen to all the releases on the Gimlet Creative website.


A designer stops to be a beginner and becomes a professional when two conditions are fulfilled: once they are immersed in trends and learn something new every day. You now have all the tools that you need to become a great UX/UI designer who also follows the modern trends that you need to know to build up a successful and illustrious career in design.

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