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The sockscription with Blacksocks US and Lori Rosen

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The sockscription with Blacksocks US

and Lori Rosen

Lori Rosen, the managing partner of Blacksocks US, handling all sales, marketing and operations for Blacksocks in North America joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lori Rosen discuss the following:

  • What is Blacksocks and when was it founded?
  • Do people really need to buy socks online?
  • What is a sockscription?
  • How long do people generally subscribe for?
  • Does the site just carry black socks?

Duration: 10:23

Lori Rosen is managing partner of Blacksocks, an eCommerce site that sells luxury Italian made socks and men’s underwear by sockscription. Blacksocks was founded in 1999 by a Swiss entrepreneur, Samy Liechti, who recognized an untapped niche:  there is never a convenient time to purchase socks, particularly for upscale executives always on the run.  So he founded Blacksocks as a convenient service for this demographic.  Today Blacksocks operates in 75 countries, serving over 60,000 customers.

Lori is also president of The Rosen Group, a 27-year old public relations agency.  Busy with her business and family, she relies on the Internet for shopping whenever possible. About six years ago, she searched for a site that sold women’s stockings; none existed.  She toyed with the idea of starting her own, but could not find a great URL.  Then in 2009 she heard about Blacksocks and fell in love with the concept and site.  She struck a deal with Samy to take over the North American operations. The US company is three years old and has experienced consecutive year over year growth.

Blacksocks US is headquartered in Manhattan.  Lori enjoys the challenge of running an eCommerce site and hopes to become the largest purveyor of men’s socks one day.


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