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Why speaking is so effective with Liz Lynch


Why speaking is so effective with Liz Lynch

The Strategy Show

Speaking helps you do 4 important things:

1. It makes you hone and expand your knowledge

2. Get in front of your target audience

3. Be seen as an expert

4. It really does help you to build a powerful network

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1 thought on “Why speaking is so effective with Liz Lynch”

  1. This is great advice Liz. There are so many great technology tools available to us today. All that it takes is knowing which social media platforms to use, how to present your message properly and how to put out great, educational content. I like what you said about your Business development experience as I can relate. I’ve done hundreds of presentations over the past few years and it’s neat how with each one you always get better ( as long as you critique yourself ) I really enjoy listening to your program. Keep up the great work! Rich Hadermann

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