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The inventor of intellectual properties that include all natural food and wellness products

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Bill Aftoora, the Creator of Acid Zap and Founder of Guroux Brands joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio. Bill is an inventor & developer of intellectual properties that include all natural food and wellness products.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bill Aftoora discuss the following:

  • Where did the inspiration come from to create a product that was a direct treatment for a common ailment?
  • Once you saw the potential for a product like this, how did you create it to differentiate yourself from the saturated market of instant cures and remedies that are designed to treat similar ailments? What makes you stand out from the rest?
  • When you realized that this product was an immediate hit, what steps did you take as a brand owner to make your vision a reality? Did you seek advice from professionals that were knowledgable in the medical field?
  • Knowing this product has a specific use for the consumer can you expand on the many common ailments that it can potentially be used to remedy that the consumer may not immediatley equate it with?
  • What is next for you and Acid Zap? Understanding your love of the culinary arts, are there new products that you have in mind that would be willing to talk about?

Bill Aftoora
, a master of the culinary arts, realized his love of cooking at a very early age. Bill attributes his passion for foods, love of cooking and the importance of preparing wholesome family pleasing foods to his parents and his extended family of great cooks. Their family motto which states, “The family who eats together is a family who stays together” was more than a motto, but a way of life for the entire Aftoora family. It was Bill’s mother, Gertrude, who took the time and taught him the importance of consistent and properly prepared family style meals that always included her secret ingredient of “Love” in every dish. Bill’s father, Richard, also played an important role in teaching the value and quality of fresh meats and produce. He had a keen eye for grocery shopping and a knack for knowing when, where and how to purchase fresh wholesome food. It was the combination of his parent’s influence that continues to inspire Bill to continually develop ideas that simplify our lives. Because of this and influence, Bill was inspired to develop a simplified family cook book with delicious recipes in a revolutionary format that both novice and experienced cooks can prepare and enjoy. Each recipe features the two essential elements of “Love” and “Family Values” that are present in each and every recipe.

In addition to being an author, Bill is also a television personality and inventor/developer of intellectual properties that include all natural food and wellness products. He has numerous patents, trademarks and copyrights issued and pending in both the United States and Canada for products and businesses relating to the food and health industries.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Bill resides in Northeast Ohio, often entertaining for family and friends. He continues to develop new recipes to add to his Cooking in the Comfort Zone cook book while compiling information for his next culinary adventure.

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