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Finding her passion in creative houseware products

Posted: July 26, 2017 at 6:27 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


Melissa Livingston

Melissa Livingston, the Founder and CEO of Twisted Wares and Missy Made Well, Inc. joins Enterprise Radio.  She is an entrepreneur with spirit who went through a major career change when the economy changed and found her passion in creative housewares products.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Melissa Livingston discuss the following:

  • How did Twisted Wares come about and what was the reason behind creating it?
  • What has your path to success been like with Twisted Wares?
  • What advice would you give other entrepreneurs that are starting new businesses?
  • Tell us about your patent and why it is important.
  • How do you come up with the sayings and the products in the Twisted Wares and Missy Made Well lines?

Missy Livingston, a mother of three boys, had just cleaned the kitchen for the twenty-seventh time that week. As if on cue, her youngest ran in and pulled down the towel she had just hung over the oven handle to dry. Missy knew she could not be the only person who found this frustrating.

In her previous life, Missy was a realtor in Seattle. Then the recession of 2008 hit. Her husband lost his job, they lost their own house, and were forced to relocate to Texas with their three young sons.

Suddenly, Missy was a stay at home mom, who felt like her life was completely out of her control. And her son constantly pulling down the towel was just the push she needed to take back her power AND create a product that she knew would resonate with people everywhere. “If I couldn’t control my life in the moment, I was damn well going to control the towel,” she says. And Twisted Wares™ was born. The Hang Tight Towel® loop design allows for your towel to be used as you would any towel, and it will stay put when you want it to without buttons, Velcro, or snaps.

Twisted Wares™ is delighted to bring you inspired, laugh-out-loud, high-quality, and functional products for you to enjoy every day.

Twisted Wares


Wholesale orders please send to WHOLESALE@TWISTEDWARES.COM

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