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Working From Home: Creative Yet Productive Workspace Ideas for Freelancers

Posted: February 13, 2017 at 5:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Most people who choose to work from home do so because they enjoy the flexible schedule and the freedom of working in their own personal space, however, many freelancers think they are stuck at the kitchen table or on the living room couch to do their work. These are not only uncomfortable places to work, they can also decrease your productivity because of too many distractions. Don’t let your home workspace impede your creativity. However small your home is, you can always create your own workspace that is separate from the rest of your daily life. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Think About Your Needs 

Not everyone requires the same amount of space to work within. If you live alone, you may have the luxury of being able to set up a home office in a spare room. But if you share your home with others, or already live in a small space, setting up a work area could be a little trickier. You may need to renovate part of your home of build on an extension to accommodate your needs. If you’re converting a place in your home into a productive workplace, don’t forget to check out for all your safety gear.

Make if Comfortable

You don’t want your workplace to be uncomfortable. If it is you won’t want to work there and if you force yourself to work there, you won’t work well. Get an ergonomic desk and chair, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of hours sitting in front of a computer.

Make sure that your office chair is the right size for the desk—a chair with adjustable height is the most practical. Try it before you buy it so you can be sure that it is comfortable to sit in for several hours at a time. Good lighting is essential, daylight bulbs in your desk and an overhead lamp will make you more productive and they’re better for your vision and mood.

Check Your Storage Space

When you are choosing other office furniture, think about the function as well as the look. It is often more important. For example, if you are buying and furniture with shelves, such as bookcases, go for pieces of furniture that have at least five or six shelves. Furniture that has only one or two shelves is a waste of space. Choose pieces that utilize vertical space rather than horizontal space. You should always go upwards when you can, this means that you are making the most of your wall space and can fit more storage solutions into the smaller spaces.

Whether it’s a corner of a larger room, or a separate room, as soon as you’ve set up your workspace, you will feel more comfortable when you work. You will also notice that your creativity and productivity increase significantly. Happy working!

Elizabeth Shepherd works from home and writes about freelance and start-up business opportunities along with tips to get the work done whilst juggling family life.

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