Why Your Small Business Should Run on Coffee

If you’re anything like most small business owners, you’re probably no stranger to working long hours and pulling all-nighters to get the job done. Many entrepreneurs will admit that coffee is their primary go-to beverage of choice for getting them through the grueling hours they invest in their work and business.

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It’s no secret coffee provides the boost needed to complete projects and keeps us alert when we’re running out of steam. But there are also benefits to coffee for small business owners that aren’t so obvious. This article explores various potential perks that coffee may provide for your small business success.

Social Benefits: Talking and exchanging ideas over a cup of coffee is as traditional today as it has been for centuries. Building contacts and landing contracts over a cup of java is an effective way to establish trust and communicate your business pitch. Offering to buy a sales lead a designer coffee is a great opening for you to convey your business model as well as get to know a potential client.

Improved Productivity: It’s a well-known fact that caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant that helps us stay productive. But scientific studies show that bosses and employees who took coffee breaks together exhibited an overall increase in productivity on the job. Coffee is a unifying factor for brainstorming sessions with your colleagues and productive meetings with employees. So while coffee increases energy, it also encourages workers to share ideas that promote creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Prevent Heart Attacks: Being a small business owner can be stressful, so keeping your heart healthy is a big deal for any entrepreneur. Thankfully, studies have shown that coffee drinkers experience lower health risks than those who do not consume coffee. These studies also revealed that coffee drinkers are at a 7-20% less risk for heart disease. Research indicates that compounds in coffee help reduce arterial damage and inflammation to the heart.

Boosts Memory and Mood: Any entrepreneur will tell you being your own boss can cause anxiety as well as sleep deprivation from working long hours to get results. The good news is coffee has proven to enhance memory caused by lack of sleep.  Furthermore, coffee is a mood-lifter and is shown to boost brain function. This can be crucial when it comes to keeping a positive mindset during the daily entrepreneurial grind. Medical studies indicate that coffee can also help with cognitive function. A Finnish study revealed that drinking coffee reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia during later years of life.

Healthy Alternative: A lot of small business owners turn to caffeinated sodas to get a jolt of energy through the day. The downside to drinking soda pop is the sugar and chemicals in these drinks can be devastating to your health. There are some alternatives to these unhealthy beverages if you’re looking to switch up your coffee drinking routine. For example,  you can still get many of the same effects from coffee with alternatives such as black tea or yerba mate. You might also think about sampling a glass of iced coffee as an effective option because it has a milder flavor, it’s less acidic, and offers all the health benefits enjoyed from drinking regular hot coffee.

Staying Alert: As mentioned, it’s no secret that coffee can keep our attention piqued during those all-too-familiar 22-hour workdays all entrepreneurs endure. But it’s also a scientific fact that coffee can enhance brain function and keep us alert. The caffeine in coffee we drink moves through the bloodstream and flows to the brain. Once there, caffeine activates dopamine and neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance the firing of neurons. All this medical science talk simply boils down to the percolated coffee you drink can perk your brain cells which keeps you feeling active and more alert on the job.

There are a lot of advantages to running your small business on coffee. However, coffee isn’t the cure-all for every entrepreneurial burn-out or challenge. So be sure to avoid overconsumption of coffee because as you likely know, it can make you edgy, irritated, and jumpy.  When you’re working on your business goals, the last thing you need is overstimulation or negative side effects from drinking too much coffee.  It’s important to recognize that, with all things, moderation is key. 

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