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Why Wireless Dog Fences Are So Popular

Posted: December 13, 2021 at 12:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A dog is a member of the family, and no one wants a member of their family to go missing. However, putting up a fence is not always the best option for dog owners. Sometimes, erecting a fence is not the best answer for a dog owner. Further still, some neighborhoods’ homeowners association’s have restrictions about building fences, or the dog owner may be looking for a solution that preserves the beautiful scenery of the neighborhood while keeping their beloved pet safe. A wireless dog fence might be the ideal solution. If you are unfamiliar with this type of fencing, the fence emits a small shock similar to a static shock when the dog crosses the invisible fence. It does not harm the pet but works to train the dog to stay within the set boundaries in the yard. Below are some reasons why the wireless dog fence is popular.

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

Gives the Dog Freedom

Setting up a wireless dog fence gives the dog the free space to enjoy the entire yard while helping the owner minimize pet damage in the house. The owner is not restricted by the traditional constraints of installing a fence; one can place the electric dog fence anywhere. Dog owners can get more information on the various wireless dog fence solutions at cozy crates together with a guide to the top brands. The entire yard is enclosed by the dog fence regardless of the obstacles.

Allows for an Unobstructed View

Traditional fences can be quite unsightly. If someone bought their home because of the stunning views, they would obviously want to prevent erecting a fence that will impede those views. With invisible fences, individuals and their dogs can benefit from the security merits of a fence without sacrificing the visual appeal of their property.

Are Easy to Install

If someone is handy, they can probably install an electrified dog fence themselves. First, install the transmitter according to the assembly specifications and then run the wires along their proposed border. If they need to cancel the signal, as when running wires from the transmitter to the planned boundary, one can twist the wires together. Attach the boundary wires to the transmitter, switch on the system, and ensure that everything, including the collar, is operational. Then, dig a two- to three-inch-deep trench along their proposed border and put the invisible fence wires in the ground. If one needs to run the wire through the pavement or cement, they should cut a trench through the masonry surface with a circular saw fitted with a masonry blade. Before putting the wire in the ground, retest everything and ensure that one’s system is appropriately grounded as per the assembly specifications.

The next one should use the included flags to mark the perimeter of the fence to know where it is during the training process. Individuals can remove the flags once their dog has become accustomed to the fence and both of them are aware of its location.

In sum, an invisible dog fence is an ideal way to keep one’s dog safe in their yard without the expense of a typical fence. One’s dog will enjoy having complete access to the yard, and owners will appreciate the flexibility and ease of installation and use of their new fence.

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